URGENT – Shot & Paralyzed Dog Needs Your Help

Lying in the overgrown weeds lay a dog suffering. She was shot and left for dead.  She screamed in pain for over 24 hours as residents went about their daily life, seeming not to care. The police were finally called, and then I get the call. “Dog shot in the face and paralyzed. Please come.”   Words that make my heart sink, words that fill my mind with immediate sadness and a sense of urgency, words that are familiar.  Donna and I hop in the jeep and take off to Lotus Ave. in North City.

Waving down my jeep, I see a police officer who is also my friend and has helped me for over 5 years on the streets – Officer Lindsay.   My first reaction was that I thought it odd that plenty of people were out this evening, but there was no crowd gathered near the crime scene. Laying in the side yard I see the body on the other side of the fence.  I head to the gate which was wrapped with a rope – a long rope that was attached to the neck of a lifeless dog; I knew this was lifesaving serious. Using a knife, I cut the rope to the gate and as I get closer to the dog, I cut the rope again closer to her body.

What later made both Donna and I cry was when she saw me, heard my voice and felt my touch. She wagged her tail as if saying, “thank you for hearing my cries.”

Scooping her up, Donna has the jeep ready for her, and I get her situated for the emergency ride to our trauma center.

The team was waiting for her. Dr. Sullivan and his crew started to work on her, stabilizing her for x-rays.  The images spoke volumes. A large bullet entered through her right eye shattering her right jaw and traveled to a halt on her mid spine.  The bullet left her paralyzed on one side of her body. I kissed her face, and that’s when the tears started to fall. We knew we had to transfer her to a specialty hospital for further care.

Donna and I named her Diseno after a bottle of wine. Right before the call and thinking our day was over, we went to grab dinner. We never got to eat or drink the wine (yes, we took the bottle with us for later).

Diseno’s care will be extremely expensive, but we will do everything we can to help her and provide her with the best medical care possible. That’s what we do at Stray Rescue. We heal. Inside and out. We will never sit by and ignore cries for help.

I am asking you all for help with Diseno’s care and to help us in our fight for justice. Please donate to the Sidney Strum Animal Abuse Fund today to help us help Diseno. She needs you. She needs all of us. Please show her you care and won’t ignore her cries either.

Stray Rescue is also offering a $5,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest and conviction. Call the abuse line with information at 314-771-6121 ext. 255

Love and woof,

Randy and Donna

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