From Paralyzed To Recovery: Abuse is not stopping our Diseno!

Today was the big day for Diseno!  Leaving her remarkable caregivers, neurologist Dr. Winegar and his crew at VSS, and back to Stray Rescue for rehab and medical care made it a big day for everyone, especially for this amazing miracle dog. This time last week I was crying, wondering if Diseno would live, wonder if she would ever walk again. What a difference a week makes. Here is a link to the original story:


Lying in the overgrown weeds lay a dog suffering. She was shot and left for dead.  She screamed in pain as residents went about their daily life, seeming not to care. The police were finally called, and then I get the call. “Dog shot in the face and paralyzed. Please come.”   Words that make my heart sink, words that fill my mind with immediate sadness and a sense of urgency, words that are familiar. Emergency surgery from one of the best neurologist, who got the bullet out, repaired her spine.


We know much more about the abuse case and close to solving it. I cannot share too many details yet but there is one I thing I can say and is vital. Diseno laid there not for 24 hours but over 4 days screaming in horrific pain and nobody did anything to help her.  This fact still has me pretty upset.

The ability to walk is coming back fairly fast, it isn’t a normal walk and she does have problems at times but she can do a short distance. Looks like she is a bit drunk ;) She can’t blink out of her right eye so we have to use artificial tears. I like to think she just loves to wink at me. Her jaw is fractured and there isn’t a medical procedure to fix that, especially since the bullet shattered her right side but she has been eating wet food well.


Without your love and support Diseno wouldn’t have been able to have a top neurologist save her life. She still has a long road to recovery and I hope folks continue to give, on her personal “go fund me page.”

Love and woof!


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