A New Life Through the Eyes of Earlene

My day started in the usual way. I woke up hungry, cold, and alone. I was getting so tired of waking up that way; so tired of constantly feeling so empty and wondering if anyone would ever come to comfort me. I don’t need much, just a little food and water, a warm place to rest - and a warm person to snuggle up with would be heaven. The immense love and joy I have to give was wasted on that filthy, damp house, littered with so much stuff… and none of it edible. Little did I know on that fateful day my life was about to change dramatically.

I wasn’t having much luck finding anything to eat, so I headed back to my “home.” As I went inside, I heard someone talking to me. Cautiously, I crept out onto the porch and, sure enough, there was someone there… and she had FOOD!

Never knowing who I could trust and driven by hunger, I carefully ate up all that was given to me. When I had my fill, I made my way down the hall and jumped up on the dilapidated mattress covered with insulation and drywall that I called a bed. My belly was finally somewhat full, but I was still so miserable because I had no hair and my skin was infected and calloused. I had that look of defeat in my eyes that so many other street dogs have.

It wasn’t long after I flopped down on the mattress that that same person who gave me food came in and gently picked me up. I was exhausted and she was so warm and seemed so kind, I didn’t struggle at all. She carried me outside and, shortly after, I was given a nice, warm bath, more food, and a wonderfully comfy, clean bed to lay on. For so long this is what I had been waiting for – it DOES exist!

Now every day is a good day. I always have food, and a cozy place to sleep. I have friends and am learning how great it is to trust and play.

All my new friends call me Earlene. It’s time for me to start my new life, and I am ready!

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