R.I.P Gustav

Below was the story I was just about to post about my new friend but he died during transport.  Our hearts are broken. 
I am still sharing the story. Love you Gustav!

Today has been a tough one on all of us at Stray Rescue. From heat stroke dogs to now this. Gustav was found hanging himself over a fence with a chain and padlock embedded in his neck. He was unconscious.  The trauma team was doing everything to save him. He was unresponsive and completely paralyzed.  We all agreed that euthanasia was probably the best thing to do ….but wait…..


With the Doc with the needle in her hands I did one of my “you’re a good boy…love you “with heavy petting and kisses and his tail wagged while he started doing kisses. At first we thought it was reflexes so I did it again and he did it again.

Gustav is being transported right this minute to V.S.S., a specialty hospital.  His care will be very high priced and I need your help. The low end we are guessing is 10k but like Diseno, Shep and OP it could top out over 20k when all is said and done. Please help him and give. Right now every dollar is being matched, dollar for dollar up to 70k. Gustav needs you- I need you. Please pray for more buddy , he lived in a hell hole and deserves to know love and comfort.

The case is under investigation.

With tears coming down my face,


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