Welcome Home-Gozer


A big smile. That is what we are greeted with everyday when we come home to our rescue dog, Gozer. When we saw Gozer for the first time at Stray Rescue, we didn't see a dog who had been abandoned and left to fend for himself on the streets. We saw a dog who was happy and couldn't wait to be part of a family of his own. His playful nature and big doggie smile sealed the deal for us.

Adopting Gozer has proved to be one of the most rewarding decisions we have ever made together. Whether it's watching him run around our family's farm on Labor Day, play with our rescue Dachshund Schnitzel, or just lying around the house, Gozer has added immeasurable value to our lives.

With a big appetite, and an even bigger heart, Gozer, now known as Chaco, has brought nothing but joy and excitement. We can't thank Stray Rescue enough for saving this guy and bringing him into our lives!

- Chantal & David, Gozer’s adpters

The Welcome Home segment is all about showcasing the amazing transformation that occurs when a companion animal is adopted and brought into a loving home. Not only do we enrich their lives, but they also enrich our own lives and the lives of our families beyond measure. There are countless heartwarming stories to tell, and we want the whole world to know just how much better life can be with an adopted dog or cat by your side.

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