Surving The Streets- Saving Huckleberry

Parks are common dumping grounds for unwanted companion animals that end up becoming street dogs. Street dogs seem to gravitate to parks for numerous reasons – they make for good scrounging for food in trash bins, water sources, shade and most parks are closed at night. To be a street dog in a tough neighborhood is equivalent to being a dead dog walking, and this where Stray Rescue steps in. We save these hopeless canine souls.


On a hot and humid day, the call came in about an injured dog lying in the street that parallels Fairgrounds Park. Sure enough, there lay a golden mix, panting from the heat. He was too sore to run, or so I thought.

Lobbing hot dogs didn’t even phase his hunger. Instead it scared him, and off he went running on 3 legs.  It made me wonder what has been thrown at him as a street dog. Obviously food wasn’t one of the items. Fairgrounds Park can be a violent crime area, and most street dogs we rescue from that area are usually injured. And many have been shot. No wonder he ran.

Plan B was to lay some food down, drive off and then see if he comes to that feeding spot. Luckily he did, so I upped the ante and left a can of Alpo. Eventually he would come back to the “vending machine spot,” so I set the trap with anything junky tasting I could find.

Watching from down the street, he finally took the food bait. I had him, and his suffering just ended. I named him Huckleberry. Besides his physical injuries, learning to trust that humans can be kind is his biggest hurdle to overcome.  No more guns shooting, rocks thrown or cars that speeds up to end his life. It’s nothing but love from here on out!

Please donate today and help me save another life! Remember your donation allows me to save my friends like Huckleberry!

Love and woof,


Here are crime stats for the Fairground Park area

*Crime Risk Index (100 = National Average): Index score for an area is compared to the national average of 100. A score of 200 indicates twice the national average total crime risk, while 50 indicates half the national risk. We encourage you to contact the local police department for any additional information.


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