Mutilated, Abused And Now Safe:Jasla's Plight


Thin, scared Jasla was rescued after she had chewed through a wire cable that was around her neck (probably to escape). As if this wasn’t bad enough, her ears had been mutilated. The pain she must have endured for this horrific ear crop had to be excruciating. Maybe the abuser just wanted to torture her, but we will never know. We are all just glad she is safe with us and will never be harmed again.

Not only does ear cropping create unnecessary physical pain and discomfort for dogs, but it can also leave them with lasting psychological trauma. The practice also perpetuates false stereotypes about certain breeds; some owners crop the ears because they think it makes the dog look tough or ferocious. To me, it makes the owners look like animal abusers.


American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) views ear cropping as a cosmetic procedure only, and they’re opposed to the practice. More veterinarians are refusing to crop ears due to their understanding and knowledge of the procedure being extremely painful and unnecessary.

Ear cropping has already been banned in Canada, Australia and many European countries. The U.S. has fallen behind in banning this inhumane practice, and we think it's time to catch up. It starts with all dog owners choosing to value their dogs for who they are rather than what they look like.

Jasla needs your help, and we ask that you donate to our Sidney Strum Animal Abuse Fund and help us continue to save and arrest animal abusers. We all have to be in this fight together!



Dispelling the Myths!

Question: Is ear cropping actually painful for a dog?

Answer: YES! Recovery time is weeks and it can sometimes take up to 6 months to achieve full results.


Question: Does ear cropping actually prevent ear infections or enhance hearing in dogs?

Answer: While this is a typical justification of the procedure, there is no medical reason or proof of this. Unfortunately the AKC (American Kennel Club) still seems to be stuck in the olden days. It has only been under enormous pressure that they even accept "Show Ring" dogs without ear cropping. Even those they do accept receive a steep penalty for that. Despite the fact that the procedure actually hinders the dog's abilities, they persist in advocating the practice.


Question: People spay and neuter their dogs. How is ear cropping any different?

Answer: Every year millions of pets are put to sleep simply because they have nowhere to go. This procedure is extremely important to approaching this problem. Spaying and neutering also prevents major diseases like cancer and pyometra. Ear cropping is purely cosmetic.

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