Oliver C. Joseph Performs A Miracle For The Street Dog!

Miracles happen when you least expect it, and for Stray Rescue that was certainly the case this past Saturday. Brad and Curtis Joseph of Oliver C. Joseph Auto Dealership gave us a shocker. After Brad read the story “What if the Jeep Never Showed Up,” he got inspired. And then he generously donated a new Jeep Rubicon to Stray Rescue on Saturday. To say that we are grateful is an understatement! So here is the story again that inspired this awesome gift. This time we will use pics of the new Jeep. Thank you to the Joseph Family from the bottom of our hearts!

What If the Jeep Never Showed Up

I saved a life today. That’s what I do. My job is to rescue the forgotten animal souls of St. Louis. I go where I’m told with urgency and control. I’m reliable, always ready to go, and I represent hope and freedom. I haul precious cargo in the warm safety of my carriage. Oh, if I only had a voice of my own! The stories I could tell! I am the Jeep of Stray Rescue.

Chasing me down is a group of dogs who have eluded rescue for years, knowing the sound of my hum and knowing they will be fed. They are happy to know my drone. How many freedom rides have the strays and abused taken with me? Thousands. I symbolize freedom from the pain and suffering, a new beginning. I am their lifeline between life and death. I am a stray's best friend.

Lying in a North City yard for four days screaming in pain is a terrier shot in the face and dying. She is waiting to hear my engine hum. I show up and rescue her to safety at Stray Rescue so they can save her life. I didn’t let her down like the humans did.

Even my driver’s own dog, Chill, brutalized with both back paws axed off, knew she had a fighting chance to live once she was in the comfort of my blanketed seats. She is now thriving.

Stray, abandoned puppies wait for me to be their lorry that takes them to new beginnings. They nestle next to my driver.

What if the Jeep never showed up? No more freedom rides.

For nearly two decades, there has been a certain level of comfort in St. Louis knowing that Randy Grim and his jeep would be there to save the next stray dog or cat in need. Over the years, Stray Rescue has saved a countless number of lives and has become so ingrained in the fabric of the city that it’s hard to imagine St. Louis before there was the community of Stray Rescue. The community of Stray Rescue includes all of us – rescuers, staff members, volunteers, foster parents, adoptive families and donors. Stray Rescue “works” because of every component of this community - like the jeep picking up its next waiting stray.

But, what if one of those components were no longer there? Take away even one of these elements of the Stray Rescue community, and there will be a cog in the wheel. In this case, “a cog in the wheel” means that scared, injured animals waiting to be rescued will never see the jeep pull up to take them to safety. It means they will never receive the medical attention they so desperately need and deserve. It means they will go day after day hungry and searching for food, water and sufficient shelter. It means they will have yet another sleepless night with one eye open, constantly on guard against the dangers of street life. It means these animals will die slowly and alone, never knowing the warmth, comfort and love of a family of their own.


I need you to keep the Jeep always on the go, saving precious lives. Please give now so we can continue our lifesaving work. It is you, like the Jeep, who are the heroes of Stray Rescue.

Much Love and a Woof, Randy Grim

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