2 Strays and 14 Double Cheeseburgers Later: The Rescue of Zira and Vitani

Parks are a common dumping ground for dogs. I guess people think dogs can just fend for them themselves until someone else takes care of them. But sadly they are usually scared and confused, and they run from help. How people can callously dump their dogs and drive off both baffles and saddens me. Unfortunately, that was the case for two skinny starving strays,  Zira and Vitani, dumped in Lions Park and left to fend for themselves.  Both dogs were blessed with Guardian Angels - two Stray Rescue volunteers.

Driving down S. Broadway, close to Anheuser Busch, two frightened dogs ran out in front of our volunteers who happened to be driving by. Being Stray Rescue volunteers, one of the ladies was prepared with food, water, a blanket, and a leash. They were darting in and out of traffic and running to avoiding people, but Karen and Michele made sure the dogs got fed and made the magic call- Randy’s cell.

Morning arrived, and the volunteers were back out at the park, keeping an eye on the strays while I sat at a Rally’s with Darrell waiting for them to open at 10:00am. I know they had to think I was nuts when I ordered 14 double cheeseburgers with no drink or fries. But hey, let them think I want a heart attack! So we headed to Lions Park to meet up with Donna.

We set two traps which is really tricky. What if we got one without the other? We could tell they were sisters, and leaving one behind was not an option.  Zira must love Rally’s for she went right in the trap, scarfing down the burgers. The other dog couldn’t get up the nerve to go in, so I would go back to the traps with more food and befriend and calm our first rescue. Finally after about an hour of making it seem normal that eating from a trap is cool and lobbing burger bites to our elusive friend, Vitani saw it was ok to enjoy a burger in a cage. We had them both!

Thank you Karen and Michele for being such amazing volunteers!

Both are available for adoption at our Pine Street location. ADOPTION APPLICATION

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Love and Woof,

Randy and Crew!

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