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Interested in adopting a long-timer? Stray Rescue will cover all medical, flea/tick, heartworm prevention, and food (if needed) FOR LIFE.

Join us on our Facebook page at NOON every Thursday to have “lunch with a long-timer!” We will feature one of our long-timers, what they are looking for in a home, answer all questions immediately between 12-1pm, and hopefully find the perfect match!

Please tune in, share, ask questions…and let’s find a happy forever home for one of our most deserving pups! All it takes is someone to be in the right place at the right time.


Meet Aura. She is the most photogenic dog! You'll see more photos below in the comments. She has been in our system for 4.5 years. She originally came in as an older puppy. She has left and come back multiple times, and couldn't find a forever home that sticks. She is very smart - house broken, knows basic commands, dog-friendly, and loves to hike. She loves car rides & long walks with her person and playing in the yard!
So why has she been overlooked? She loves people, but it takes a minute for her to fully trust you. She is looking for an adult-only home that either doesn't get much company, or maybe one that understands she needs her own private space when they do have company.
Questions? Want to fill out an app to meet her? Click here! 

 Donna Karan

Donna Karan had a family, but through no fault of her own found herself back at the shelter. She is a very loving, senior girl. At nine years old, she has plenty of love to give but also likes her chill, stable family life. She is great on car rides,  walks really well on a leash & does great with commands. She knows "sit" really well and if you go in her apartment she will sit right on your lap & let you pet her. All of the volunteers think she's a total doll! You can't help but fall in love with her sweet brown eyes!

Donna Karan hasn't found a person yet that she doesn't love, but chooses her canine friends carefully.

Like some girls, she doesn't want to admit that she had a few too many treats and has a couple pounds to trim down. But she would appreciate your help with this and looks forward to that more svelt figure. Watch this inspirational video - Donna Karan could be your Petey! 

Petey Petunia

I am Petey Petunia, but don't let the name fool you, I am a wonderful lady. I was rescued from a desperate situation, I was losing my home. I am 7 years old, but I have plenty of energy and I am learning how awesome walks can be. I know how to sit so far, but I am working on learning new things. I am housebroken and can be persuaded to go into a crate, but maybe my kisses can persuade you otherwise. I don't tear anything up in the house while I am left out. I want to be the center of your world and maybe cuddle up on the couch next to you. I have been indifferent to cats, squirrels, and rabbits. With a proper introduction, larger dogs can be my friends. Will you be my fur-ever friend too?


Hi I’m Firework. I’m a friendly, loyal and a lovable leaner that enjoys sleeping on my puppy bed which along with my crate are my safe places. I haven’t had the best of luck finding my forever home yet so it might take me a little bit to fully trust the humans around me but once I do, I’m your friend for life. I’ve had several months of foster home training and have made great progress learning to walk well on a leash, I sit for passing cars and at intersections, and now wait to eat my food. My forever home will need to continue working with me on meeting strangers and not being so afraid of new people. I love my daily walks and would do well with an active person/runner/hiker/hunter/outdoor lover but I also like to chill out at home.  I’m housebroken, crate trained and non-destructive so I have very good indoor manners. I like to play fetch or tug of war or just lie near people’s feet.  I’m a happy dog, eager to please and food motivated and am trainable with consistency. I would be happy in a home with another dog to play with and keep me company but I would also be fine as an only dog with loving puppy parents since getting attention from my humans is my favorite thing. I hear I have the most expressive eyebrows. Will you give me my forever home?


Meet Wildflower! She has been at the shelter for a long time and is ready for someone special to change her life.

She looks forward to her walks, but after her walk and playtime will gladly sprawl across your lap and lay her head on your arm.  She had a respiratory infection when she was younger and as a result makes a funny noise when she gets excited or when she thinks she is being a very good girl and deserves a treat.  She gets along with people, young and old, but wants to be your only fur-love.

She is extremely loving and just wants to hang out with you, whether it be a high energy activity or laying on the couch. She would make a fantastic addition to any home where she can be the only dog.

Buster McGee

Look at me!  Look at me!!  Who could pass up an infectious smile like this!  My name is Buster McGee.  I am a one year old male that is ready for a game of fetch!  I still have a lot of puppy energy but with a little direction, I can learn all kinds of new tricks. I would prefer an adult  only home. I'd also be best in a home with another dog to show me the ropes. I am getting really good at fetch, sit, stay, heel, and my favorite new trick is giving paw!  I do really good on walks but I occasionally like to tug on the leash.  I love playing tug and I haven't met a rope toy I didn't like. I do well in a crate, potty trained to about 98%, and love taking naps in my doggy bed.  Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that I am really good at snuggling and showing affection! I'm ready to start my new journey!


Haaaave you met Robyn?? With her lopsided ears and her tongue to one side, how can you resist? Robyn is a volunteer favorite in the shelter.  She loves to run around in the yard, play fetch with her people, and most of all she loves to snuggle! When everyone else gets tired, she still has plenty of energy left, but she's happy chewing on a nylabone or an antler. She's house broken and crate trained- so now she's ready for her forever home!

Robyn can be slow to warm up to new people, but with a little patience, all she wants to do is snuggle in your lap and smother you with kisses! She has a lot of energy and can be protective of her house and her people, so she needs a home with a confident owner (and preferably no small children). Robyn already knows sit, down, shake, off, and 'go to your crate.' She's made huge improvements with walking on a leash, she's very treat-motivated, so she learns quickly, and as with any adoption through Stray Rescue, 1 year of training is included.

Put in your application today, and you can be the one to fall in love with Robyn!


Hoagie likes to take his time warming up to new people he meets, but once he does he is a very loyal boy. Hoagie loves to play and is energetic, but he also knows when it's time to settle down. Hoagie is good on hikes, likes to run and is skilled at basic commands.

Hoagie is very dog friendly, and he loves playing in the yard.  He enjoys his walks and does fairly well on the leash.  Hoagie is also a smart dog and learns quickly.

At the age of three, Hoagie is ready to settle into a loving home.  A little patience on the part of his family to make him feel comfortable will reward them with years of devotion.

He is an all around good boy just hoping to find his new home. Give this boy a chance!

Sky Blue 

Are you on the lookout for a real looker?   Well, look no further!  My name is Sky Blue I am one of the prettiest dogs around!  In addition to my beautiful white coat and captivating eyes, I am incredibly intelligent.  I know how to sit, lay down, and I give paw eagerly.  I walk very well on the leash and I absolutely love attention.  I love to run and I could play fetch and tug-a-war all day. I am very selective of my dog and my people friends, but once I know you I will love you forever!


La-Dee came to Stray Rescue after being hit by a car that fractured her leg.  She had surgery and healed beautifully.  La-Dee is a petite, young girl - only 35 pounds which allows her to fit into any size home.  Don't let her size fool you as she is a dog with plenty of energy and many endearing ways.  She does well on her walks and doesn't pull on the leash.  She loves to hike - she also likes to stop on her walks and hikes to give some kisses to and get some petting from her human companions.

La-Dee has so much to offer her new family.  She shares her loving nature with both people and other dogs.  Surely you cannot resist this amazing dog.  La-Dee is waiting patiently to give you one of her special kisses.


If you are looking for a super laid back, go with the flow type of gentlemen, then look no further – Sluggo is your guy!  This boy has the greatest temperament.  

Sluggo would be happy in a home with another laid back dog friend but this guy would be okay being the only dog as well. Sluggo knows his basic commands and can “sit”, “come” and “kennel”.  He is crate trained and does well during the work day and at night time as long as he has his favorite chew toys.

Sluggo came from a situation where he was abandoned and on his own for over a year, relying on the neighborhood to feed him.  He is learning to trust again and is ready for his forever family to prove that love is no longer conditional.


Cheerio is such a handsome boy.  He has adorable ears as well as eyes that watch everything.  As you can see from his picture, Cheerio loves to be outside playing.  Like so many other two year old dogs, he is an active guy.

Cheerio is doing a lot of training with Stray Rescue’s Enrichment Team.  He gets extra attention every day in all kinds of areas.  With the team, he is working on leash training and learning basic commands such as sit, lay, give paw, and leave it.  All of this training will give Cheerio the tools he needs to be a great canine companion.

Like all Stray Rescue dogs, Cheerio and his adopter will receive a year’s free training to continue his lessons.  Cheerio is a work in progress, and you can help to make that progress complete.




Alabaster is an all-around good looking dog, who's looking for his perfect home. He's a proud graduate of the Puppies on Parole program, and he's happy to show off all he's learned-- sit, lay down, shake, roll over, come, stay, wait and leave it! He even has his Canine Good Citizenship certification! He loves to chew on nylabones and snuggle on the couch once he gets tired out. When Al is happy, his whole body wiggles, not just his tail!

Alabaster has a lot of energy and he would do best in a home with a confident owner, and preferably no cats or young children. He needs either a fenced in yard or people committed to taking him on nice long walks a couple times a day to get out all of his energy. As with any adoptions through Stray Rescue, 1 year of training is included. With a little bit of work, Al could make a great jogging buddy! Alabaster would love a dog brother or sister to play with, but he'd be just as happy to be your only dog. He sometimes takes time to warm up to new people, but give him a few minutes and you can be his new best friend!

Alex Steen

My name is Alex Steen. I was found abandoned and confined to an outside balcony without food or water. I only survived because a neighbor threw me scraps and let me drink from her hose. Someone called Stray Rescue after several months and they saved me.

I love to go on walks! I get so excited when I am outside enjoying the fresh air. I am still learning how to walk nicely on a leash. I am a very polite dog when I go for car rides. I am just excited to tag along to any cool place. I can be a bit choosy about my dog friends, and I seem to prefer the ladies to the gents. I also LOVE squeaky toys, antlers, playing outside and my kong. When I am extra good I get peanut butter and other healthy treats in my kong and I get so excited!   I need a forever family that will continue my weekly training so I can keep up the good work!

I need to be in a home with no kids or kids that are older. 

Jake Allen

Jake Allen has the most amazing face- it’s so symmetrical with the black on both sides and white down the middle and his black button nose completes that adorable look! He was very nervous when he first arrived but has come out of his shell. He is paired in his apartment with a dog friend and they do very well together, though he may not get along with another dog. An adult only home would be best for Jake Allen as he doesn’t want to share his food. This happens a lot for dogs that have been rescued from the street as they always have to work hard to find the food they get.  He is very sweet once he gets to know you and know how to sit, stay, and come (when he decides to, he’s stubborn), but he needs a little more help with his leash manners.


The first thing you will notice about Samuel is his handsome face with its brown marking over one eye and one ear.  That makes him look very dashing.  Then he’ll flash you one of his goofy smiles which just lights up his face.

Samuel  can be a bit fearful when meeting new people, and it may take more than one introduction to win his confidence.  However once he gets to know you, he shows the super sweet side to his personality.   Samuel enjoys his walks and does pretty well on the leash.  He doesn’t spend much time playing in the yard;  he’d rather sit next to you and have the wrinkles on his neck scratched.  Samuel is dog friendly and also very smart.

At the age of six, Samuel is ready to find his own family who can gain his confidence and love.  If you are an experineced, confident guardian, you may be exactly what Samuel is lookiing for.


Mandy was rescued from a family who kept her outside, even in frigid temperatures.  She was very happy to get into the warm shelter where she quickly became an adored dog.  She is very calm and loving.  Her house manners are great.  She is house broken and crate trained.  Also she knows "sit" and "stay."  Mandy would like you to know that all those treat-rewards pay off big time.

Due to Mandy's past, she can be slow to trust new people. She would do best in a low key, adult only home without other pets. She is very faithful to the people she loves; once she trusts you, you will have a friend for life!


Trix is showing the camera her most adorable expression.  It isn't difficult for her to look so cute as everyone calls her a sweet and wonderful girl.  Trix came to Stray Rescue through their Pound Assistance Program, and just two days later she had her babies, the "cereal" puppies.  Now it is Trix's time for a new home.

Trix just can't get enough lovin'.  She is a volunteer favorite, and they all tell her how wonderful she is.  When Trix gets excited, she stands up on her back legs and does a little twirly dance.  It makes everyone laugh.  Besides being so personable, Trix is also very neat.  She keeps her apartment at the shelter very tidy and has never had an accident.

Trix can be a bit shy when you first meet her, but once she knows you, the two of you become BFFs.  Couldn't you use a best friend who is sweet and dances?  Please come and meet Trix and prepare to fall in love.


Klaus is a handsome young guy with an adorable smile.  When you meet him, he’ll bestow that smile on you and give you tons of enthusiastic tail wags to show how happy he is.

Klaus is a very active guy in search of a very active family.  He has a lot of energy that he needs to expend every day.  Klaus enjoys his walks and is working on learning good leash manners.  While he loves his human companions, he is dog selective and should probably be the only dog in the home.

Klaus has the potential to be a great canine companion.  He needs someone in his life who has worked with high energy dogs and can help him learn all those things that good dogs should know.  If you would like to be the change in a dog’s life, come meet Klaus.


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