UPDATED: Injured And Sick- The Rescue Of A Small Miracle Named Louie Bear

Louie Bear had his leg amputated but don’t tell him that, he gets around great on three. Louie Bear came in with a severe fracture and nerve damage of his left front leg- with an extensive skin wound as well from abuse.  He also had a skin infection, with both yeast and bacteria. His skin is clearing well and he is starting to grow some hair back.  He had a forequarter amputation of his left front leg and is recovering well.  He is expected to make a full recovery and have a wonderful new life ahead of him at his forever home! He has an adoption pending.


Original Story Below

With the scent of burning garbage across from a make-shift memorial of teddy bears paying tribute to the latest murder victim, I see a small pitiful dog hobbling and confused, tottering down the street.  I get out of the jeep and start to approach him. The poor dog panics and hobbles away at a good clip. The dog is a medical mess. My heart sinks.I knew I had to use a different approach if I was going to save this little guy, but the only trap I had was for bigger dogs. I set it anyway with high hopes and lots of hot dogs.


 Sitting in the jeep watching and praying, I was able to see the magnitude of his injuries. His front leg dangled like a noodle, and there was nothing much left of it. His skin was red and bald, most likely from mange. As he meanders towards the trap, I can tell with each wobbly step he takes that it’s very painful.

Starvation is his motivating factor as he goes in and sets off the trap. I have him.

Once out of the trap, he melts in my arms and trusts me almost immediately. For some reason, that makes me tear up. I guess that’s because I realize that he wanted love more than anything. The mean streets are no place for any dog. But if you only weigh 8 pounds, it is for sure deadly.

As he sat in my lap on the drive back to the shelter, my heart sinks just thinking of the pain and agony he had to endure. I can tell his leg is “dead,” and I wonder what horrific act caused this. Now safe at our trauma center and now named Louie Bear, his leg will have to be amputated. His bad days are over, and we will replace his pain with nothing but pure love.

Louie Bear’s medical needs will be expensive. He is safe with us now and will get the help he needs. But I hope you can be a hero to my little buddy, and give whatever you can to help him heal.

Love and Woof!


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