Second Dog In A Week Tossed Out With The Garbage Near Death!


Nitro’s Stray Report:

Type: Sick or Injured Animal Date/Time: 01/16/2016 16:34:11 Address: 34XX Montana St Louis Mo 63118 Notes: Caller states she found a dog lying next to her dumpster. She thought the dog was dead. He kept trying to stand up but would fall over. She said the dog is really skinny and is covered in sores. Looks to be a black/white pit mix. She did take him into her house. Caller: Amanda….



In less than 2 weeks we received another call that is eerily similar to Tasha’s rescue. ( The circumstances are exactly the same. Tossed out like trash, skin and bones, frozen and dying. I know we all ask the question “why?” and I still don’t have the answer. Even after so many dogs have been thrown away with the trash, left to die a miserable death. I am so grateful we have Stray Rescue for so many reasons. Our motto is "Leave No Dog Behind," and we truly live by that motto which guides us everyday. Our vet team is top notch, and the entire staff and volunteers put their hearts and souls into saving the street dog. Nitro needed saving. Donna went on this call and was keeping me posted in real time. My heart broke as the images and videos came to my phone. Another animal abuser is out there.


I need your help to share his story and pictures so we can get some leads. Just like we did with Tash, we'll be canvassing the neighborhood with flyers. Somebody knows something.


Nitro can stand now; his body temperature went from fatally low to normal. He is eating some, although his eyes tell me he is still in abuse shock, missing that full glimmer of life.


This cold spell has brought us many sick and injured dogs. I worry how we can pay for them all, so I ask you to please give what you can and please share Nitro's story so we may find the monster who did this to him. We are offering a reward.

Love and woof,


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