Locks of Love

Temps in the teens, overrun with Stray Calls from the City, off Jenn and I went to save as many as we could. 

This one small city block alley had a few strays trying to survive by eating garbage and one didn't even look like a dog anymore. This poor dog endured snow, rain, and ice for a long time for her hair to become so matted and covered in dreadlocks. She was also terrified of people. I had to use the trap to catch her, I wanted to see her safe and warm with us.


With patience and a prayer she was rescued. My gut tells me she is a bone under all that hair and she will be getting a shave down this week. We named her Locks after all those locks of matted, dirty hair.

Now she just needs a foster home or be adopted. Is that person you? As I sit here and type I look at my own kids who all lived in similar conditions...neglect or abuse or both I understand the urgency to see no more forgotten dogs. One dog at a time Stray Rescue is dedicated to ending the insanity but we need your support.


Love and Wooof,


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