Highway From Hell

Highway rescues have to be the most heart pounding rescues and this one took many days and for me sleepless nights. To make matters worse, this stretch of highway is by my own house.

For about a month many calls kept coming in a about a white dog running a mile radius. I would go and search and it started feeling like everyone could see the dog but me. This radius is flanked by a highway and busy streets; this area is where my "kids" and I call home. I couldn't find the white dog and now the temperatures are 90 to 100 degrees with no relief in sight.

Finally a call came from a business right next to the highway that a dog has made a home under the shrubs.  This time I did see the white dog, we made eye contact and he wagged his tail. I approached him with chicken in tow. He came to me wagging his tail until we were almost nose to nose and then my biggest fear happened he bolted and on to Interstate 55 and 8 lanes of highway and out of my sight range.  My heart stopped. I left.

Next day I set a trap by the shrubs, loaded with roast chicken to hotdogs.  No luck I didn't see him. I lay in bed wondering if I got him killed and I just couldn't bring myself to drive the highway or even take that route to the shelter.

Day 3, I saw him sleeping by my trap and the shrubs.  I had hopes but when night fell  he still wasn't in the trap. That night I couldn't sleep and around 1 am I went to give him cold water just in case he came back to the shrubs and trap. Nothing.

 First thing that same morning a call came in saying he is the trap. I didn't believe and contained my emotions until I saw it for myself. There he was looking at me through the trap. I stayed in my Jeep for a minute crying. 


My new buddy is named Shrubby- the kindest, sweetest dog in the world. Welcome to Stray Rescue Shrubby. Now he could use a foster parent or a forever home .His adoption fee is half price and he is not under a shrub but at our Pine St. Shelter. I love him.







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