Steward's Rescue and A Day of Injured Dogs

Responding to a CSB report, Jenn and I arrived at Steward's Car Wash on Delmar to find a very injured, bloody dog who couldn't move and was just in terrible shape. He didn't even attempt to get up throughout the entire rescue because of a terrible neck injury. Due to the nature of this poor dog's injury, we quickly realized this would take a team effort to save him.

If you force a dog to move when they are in such pain they may associate you with that intense pain from that point forward, so I knew we had to be patient and the rescue had to be as painless as possible.  We called our own Dr. Rooney, Donna, and Darrell to assist. After discussing the siutation, I decided to pet Steward on the head firmly with a gloved hand while Dr. Rooney quickly sedated him. There's no way we were going to put a leash around his poor, injured neck. We successfully sedated Steward and got him in the rescue Jeep.

When we returned to the shelter, the vet staff was ready to go. This reminded me of the old Stray Rescue but only better because now we have our own amazing vet to rely on. Our vet staff is currently working hard to save Steward, another dog who has fell victim of neglect. He didn't deserve this suffering, but if he recovers he's going to be a great companion for someone.

We still have 5 more injured dogs to rescue today. If you are able to help Steward and those like him who are still awaiting rescue, please donate to The Stracks Fund today by clicking the link below. We are in constant need of emergency medical funding. Your support makes a direct impact on the recovery of these dogs. Your support saves lives.

Love and Woof,


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