A Critical Rescue from the Church's Chicken Pack

Before Stray Rescue ever officially existed, I had been rescuing in East St. Louis for many years. Now myself and the Stray Rescue staff still try to go rescue there as much as we possibly can. And since we've been rescuing there for a long, long time, we were thrilled when we were able to successfully save a dog who we've been trying to get off the streets for years. A dog that was obviously struggling to survive. A dog who is now safe and whose name is now Amelia.

Amelia was part of the same pack from which we rescued Tom Foolery, who is now adopted, earlier this year. This pack was affectionately named "the Church's Chicken Pack" because they lived by... you guessed it... a Church's Chicken. We have rescued over 10 dogs from this pack, including Tom Foolery who is pictured above with Amelia, as well as 9 pups from Tom Foolery and Amelia's litters. With some help from a compassionate person in the community, we were able to get Amelia off the streets and into our trauma center. We found that she had a shattered leg, multiple gun shots wounds in all of her legs and throughout her body, and was heartworm positive. At this time we can't say whether or not Amelia will lose her leg, but we can say that she will never have to suffer on the streets again as she did for so long.

With two more feral dogs to rescue, the Church's Chicken Pack is slowly but surely becoming smaller. We won't rest until they are all safe in loving homes. The dogs in this pack, just like so many others, are the most loyal, loving companions you could hope for. Please fill out our online adoption or foster application today, and help give hope to these dogs and the thousands more who are still out on the streets. If you are able to donate to the Stracks Fund for emergency medical care please below.

Love and woof


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