The Running Buddies Enrichment Program

THE PROGRAM: Looking for a fun, unique, and meaningful way to stay in shape while enriching the lives of shelter dogs as they await their loving forever homes? You’ve come to the right place! The Stray Rescue Running Buddies program makes a difference in the lives of companion animals by ensuring they get plenty of exercise, attention, and exposure to environments outside of the shelter.

Perfect for everyone, from those who are easing into their newfound workout routine to seasoned marathon runners looking to liven up their training, motivation to get fit is never a problem when you know your walking/jogging pooch partner is waiting. Simply visit Stray Rescue’s Pine Street shelter any day of the week, sign in, “check out” your buddy at the front desk, and you’re off and running (weather permitting)! The Running Buddies program is ideal for breaking up the work day too! Whether you work/live downtown and are looking to exercise before work, during your lunch break, or after a day behind a desk, this is a great way to stay in shape while offering the dogs something special.

THE MISSION: The Running Buddies program provides essential enrichment for shelter dogs, making them more adoptable through exercise and socialization, as well as highlights and strengthens the human/dog bond. We also seek to build awareness of Stray Rescue’s mission by collaborating with our community’s running enthusiasts, the companies they work for, and the fitness organizations to which they belong. We are promoting health and wellness for program participants and providing those who cannot own a dog the opportunity to experience the joy of spending time with them.

Please note that we require anyone new to the Running Buddies program to first contact Larry at to ensure safety and comfortability for both the runner and dog! 

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Run free with a Stray Rescue Running Buddy!


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