Hurricane Katrina Relief

Photo of hurricaneAs you know, Hurricane Katrina was a disaster of epic proportion and the impact of this tragedy on the animals was devastating. However, the response by the public seemed to be in equal magnitude as the outpouring of support both in donations, supplies and offers to help was overwhelming. As a small, local animal welfare organization, we are very proud of our efforts during this event and were able to bring a total of 150 gulf coast animals to St. Louis for needed medical care and a loving home.

I wish to thank all our supporters who offered to help in many different ways. Because we received thousands of phones calls and emails, our small staff of employees and volunteers was unable to respond to every offer of help and I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused for you. However, please know that your phone call and email was very important to us as it was collected in a database as an available resource if needed. I also wish to express my gratitude to those who dropped off supplies and whom we were unable to collect your name and address in order to send you a thank you letter.

Thanks to your generosity, we were able to collect almost an entire tractor trailer full of dog and cat food and supplies. Each week for 8 weeks, Stray Rescue employees and volunteers loaded up their vehicles taking over 40 car/van loads of supplies to the disaster area and bringing back many dogs and cats into our loving arms. The generosity of the public was very inspiring to us as we worked non stop during these months. The power of COMPASSION is so strong and we are so THANKFUL for your support. As I reflect back during this time, I am in awe at how many wonderful people there are in the St. Louis area and beyond. It is truly amazing what can be accomplished when so many people come together. Hopefully someday, we can all come together and put an end to the homeless dog situation in our urban areas.

Many of these gulf coast dogs are still available for adoption. Please see our website or attend one of our weekly adoption events. Please continue your support as we go into the frigid weather months here in St. Louis. If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, please fill out our application. As always, the Stray Rescue supporters are the BEST!!


Randy Grim

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