Black Wednesday- A toughie for the rescues and Stray Rescue

It’s the day before Thanksgiving and the morning had been unusually quiet.  Then  shortly after high noon, we got a call about a sick stray we have been trying to find for two days that had been spotted again and that got the ball rolling for a dramatic long day of rescue.


 “Something hanging down between its back legs that go all the way to the ground” the caller said. But every time we got to the area, the dog was nowhere to be found.  Then it happens, we spot her. From the description, we were expecting a male but this turned out to be a female, with the largest mass any of us had ever seen, dangling between her legs. The bottom of the mass was all bloody from rubbing the ground. It was hard for her to even walk. Thankfully she was hungry. She let us leash her up and walked right to the Jeep and got in. It was like she knew someone was finally trying to help her. We named her Horizon.



With Horizon getting stabilized in our Trauma Center, we head back to do more CSB's calls (Citizen Service Bureau complaints we get daily from the City). The day got worst. A caring woman who works in a cafeteria stashed a severely injured dog in her office, when she saw her on the streets sporting a massive head injury she stepped up and did the right thing. Now named Jamie we had another so grateful pooch. She snuggled in the arms of whoever would hold her. She was in pain.



Just 2 miles away the next CSB is about an injured dog as well so off we went.


The little Spuds McKenzie dog was in a field next to an urban factory. She walked on 3 legs, bone thin and weak of trying to survive another day on the mean streets.  Her back foot was mangled. It looked like she was missing a toe and the pads on the bottom were gone.  We christened her Chicken McNugget.  Her body temperature was very cold so with two more injured dogs we rush back to the shelter.



Dr. Rooney and staff did an incredible job going back and forth between the 4 trauma dogs evaluating their injuries. We also had a dog in the clinic that was attacked by another dog and a shelter dog that the Doc just did emergency surgery to remove a Kong toy from his intestines.  Once stabilized the worst cases were ready for transport, we loaded three dogs up and head to VSS (Veterinarian Specialty Services) to save their lives.


Chick Mc Nugget sadly lost her leg (leg died) on black Friday and may need a blood transfusion; Horizon has some major critical surgery on Monday. Rubin is recovering well from his surgery from the Kong removal. Jamie is recovering in our vet/truama center.


This was just one day and with it being the season to give, I ask you give to the Stracks Fund that pays for these ongoing daily tragic cases.


Love, Woof- Randy

Thank you Donna, Dr. Rooney and staff and VSS for being there!






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