A Suffering Dog, Discarded Like Trash

A person called the Citizens' Service Bureau and called Stray Rescue directly to report that he had found a puppy, approximately 5 months old, who had been tossed away in a trash can.


The man who made the report said he heard crying and barking and found the puppy sick, cold, and hungry. He took the puppy, now named Clovis, out of the trash can, into his home, and then called the police.

Stray Rescue responded immediately. Clovis has a fractured hip that requires extensive surgery to fix and a horrible infection in her left eye. At this time our medical team is not sure she will get her vision back in that eye.

Stories like Clovis' are becoming all too common and exemplify the daily struggle with cruel people who do not value life and have no remorse for even a suffering, helpless puppy. We offer our heartfelt thank you to the man who found this sweet dog. He, like many concerned citizens, can be the eyes and ears for abused and neglected dogs and give them a voice. Without his compassion, Clovis didn't stand a chance. Unfortunately, we have no idea who discarded Clovis and left her to die.

To help medically rehabilitate Clovis and other dogs like her, please consider giving to The Stracks Fund, our emergency medical fund, by clicking the link below.

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