It's A Family Affair: Meet the Maclaran Clan

With a warm winter comes more strays. Besides our ongoing battle dealing with our city's animal abuse problem we are seeing more puppies and their "clans" than usual living on our streets. Meet the Maclaran Clan.

This family of dogs live in an abandon delipated house on the north side.  Fearful of humans, we set traps hoping to get the family of five. Almost a complete success but sadly we were unable to rescue the regal tan and black mix dad. We are still trying, he really cared about the mom and her 3 feral pups.


Groups of dogs is a common scene in the areas with coutless in ruins houses and businesses coupled with poverty. You can help by fostering or volunteering at our shelters. Open your homes to give the strays that valuable second chance for a new life in a real home.. Fostering is such a rewarding experience and you directly help save a life. Contact Barbi, and/or fill out a foster/volunteer application on our website.

Soon we hope to see this sweet clan of strays reunited and all safe with us.





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