One Pup Dies, The Rest of the Family is Saved

There's rarely a dull moment at Stray Rescue, and the rescue of Mikado and her pups certainly took us to a bizarre place in the city. After we received the call, we arrived on the scene to find a house, scheduled for demolition, with railroad tracks literally within feet of the property's front door. And then we saw Mikado, an emaciated momma, carrying a dead puppy in her mouth.

We weren't sure where she was living, or if her other pups were alive, until we saw her slip into a crawl space under the house. Knowing she would need to be trapped so we could safely check under the house for her babies, Randy called to get additional rescue team members.

Mikado was motivated by food and we trapped her quickly, while some of the team crawled under the house to hand out puppies to the rest of the group. One of the four male pups was not acting right, and he seemed to be grasping for air. We knew he needed to get to the shelter's trauma center as quickly as possible, and drove back while giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Meanwhile, half of the rescue team worked with Mikado who was still in the humane trap. She quickly warmed up to everyone, seemingly knowing that her days of scraping out  a living on the harsh streets were over. She knew she was safe. Once out of the trap, Mikado enjoyed the ride to the shelter - giving thankful kisses along the way.

Back at the shelter, the Stray Rescue vet staff was working hard to help the sick puppy, who had been diagnosed with very advanced pneumonia. Despite emergency resuscitation efforts, the pup did not pull through. He was just too weak.

We're happy to report Mikado and the rest of her pups and doing well. Being out on the streets daily saving these gentle, loving dogs is what keeps us going. There were several Laclede Gas employees nearby during the rescue who thanked the rescue team. They were relieved that someone is out on the streets looking after those who are overlooked.

We are rescuing so many every day, but you can help make a tremendous difference. Please foster today by filling out the online foster application and contacting You can make a huge impact by giving comfort and love to a dog who is waiting for his or her forever home.

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