Stray Rescue And Circuit Attorney Send A Forceful Message To Animal Abusers

Two Warrants Have Been Issued In Cruelty Cases; Three More Are Pending

Stray Rescue of St. Louis, in partnership with Jennifer Joyce and the St. Louis City Circuit Attorney’s Office, is set to hold two citizens accountable who have been caught breaking animal cruelty laws. With evidence gathered and presented by Stray Rescue, these cases serve as a message to animal abusers that this worsening behavior will never be tolerated in St. Louis.

“We see alarming animal abuse and neglect on an almost daily basis, and this includes gun shot wounds, severed limbs, chemical burns, and more,” said Randy Grim, Founder of Stray Rescue. “People need to know that Stray Rescue, with the help of the Circuit Attorney’s Office, are working extremely hard to ensure these criminals are prosecuted.”

Correlations between violent crimes and animal cruelty are well documented, and these initial cases are part of an ongoing unified effort lead by Stray Rescue to make the city safer for citizens and more humane for companion animals.

The rescue organization, which is largely the first responder to these incidents, has a steady presence on the streets. This has made it possible for them to present the Circuit Attorney’s Office with in-depth reports consisting of the rescue team’s account of the event, witness and probable cause statements, photographic evidence, and complete medical and necropsy reports from Stray Rescue’s in-house veterinary and trauma center.

As Stray Rescue drives the animal cruelty prosecution and prevention conversation, the organization is also concentrating on proactive community outreach and education programs in order to assist responsible individuals with pet-related resources and establish a lasting resolution to the abuse and neglect epidemic.

Stray Rescue would like to thank Jennifer Joyce, the assistant circuit attorney, and the Circuit Attorney's Office for their incredible help and dedication.

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