Rescue of Baby Cakes: Fighting for Her Life

We received a CSB (Citizen's Service Bureau) report that said a person wanted a dog laying in their front yard removed. When I arrived, I didn’t see a dog laying in the yard. I saw a dog dying in the yard.

I often wonder and try to grasp why the person who made the report didn’t give this poor dog anything. No blanket and no first aid. The people would not even bring her into their home. It’s moments like this that every second counts to save the dog’s life.

If people would only step up and do more besides complaining, as if a dog is trash in need of removal. I found a link that I hope everyone reads.  It tells you what to do when you find an injured animal, and calling and then turning your back on the injured dog isn’t even listed. Please click here to view the link.

We named her Baby Cakes; she is fighting for her life. Click here to view a short video of her rescue.

We respond to calls like this all too often. If you can, please donate to The Stracks Fund, our emergency medical fund, to help Baby Cakes and other dogs like her.

Love and Woof

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