RIP Scooch; Another Victim of a Shooting

The day gunshot wounds become obsolete will be a day that all of us at Stray Rescue can exhale a sigh
of relief. However today isn’t one of them as we mourn another senseless act of violence.
Five days ago Stray Rescue received a call about a dog that the caller thought was hit by a car.
Immediately our response team went into action.
The team searched for the dog but could not find her. With uncertainty the team pressed on fearing
the worst. After a lengthy search and talking to multiple eyewitnesses of an injured dog, finally she was
spotted near a puddle next to the road under some thick brush. You could tell by the way she was sitting
that she could not use her back legs; in fact, she dragged both.
Not knowing the extent of her injuries exactly, she was rushed to our vet trauma center promptly. Upon
arrival our vet staff, through x-rays, could see she was not hit by a car but purposely shot. The bullet
was lodged in her spine, she was paralyzed.
Our team christened her Scooch.
Often with cases like this, we require them to be sent to VSS (Veterinarian Specialty Services). Sadly,
Scooch passed away there on August 7th at 12:33.
A very sad statistic to swallow is that more than 50% of the strays rescued at our facility have been shot.
The gun violence in the St. Louis area needs to stop on both animals and humans.
You can help by contributing to our Stracks Fund for the emergency medical care of our gunshot victims. Click the link below to donate today.


Thank you so much to Donna, Lindsay, VSS, and all of the amazing staff at Stray Rescue for their help.

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