The Consequences Of Not Spaying And Neutering

If a female dog, her mate, all of their puppies, and all of their puppies' puppies are not spayed or neutered, they can add up to 67,000 dogs within only six years. That is a very serious number, and a number that we tried to decrease substantially today by rescuing two females in heat, the male dogs they were attracting, and a litter of puppies in O'Fallon Park.

Now named Laverne and Shirley, these two unspayed females were attracting males to the park in droves - creating more litters of puppies who would grow up homeless, suffering, and reproducing. It's an unyielding cycle that absolutely must stop. 

We were also able to get three males from that area of the park, two of which are in bad shape. Their names are Carmine, Squiggy, and Desperado. All of these dogs, and probably others, were driven to the park because of the unspayed females and are now away from their homes. A male dog roaming to find a female in heat can sense her from miles away.

If you have recently lost your dog in the O'Fallon Park area, you may visit the Stray Rescue shelter at 2320 Pine Street to see if we have picked up your dog. Please be sure to bring proof of ownership.

Situations just like this one are perfect examples of the consequences of not spaying and neutering. Every year, three to four million dogs and cats are euthanized in the United States, and spaying and neutering could have prevented these astronomical numbers. The unwanted or unplanned litters that weren't picked up and euthanized are left to suffer on the harsh streets.

There is a solution. Low-cost spay and neuter resources are readily available, and we urge people to use them. It's easy and one of the best things you can do for you and your pet. Please contact the following resource providers in the St. Louis area for more information on getting your pet spayed or neutered:

• Carol House Quick Fix Pet Clinic, 314.771.7387,
• Operation SPOT, 314.995.8678,
• BARC, 314.771.7387 (Be sure to mention the BARC program when calling),

As we take in these groups of dogs, we are in great need of new foster homes. Please, if you are able to foster, please contact or click here to fill out a foster application online today.

If you are able, please donate to The Stracks Fund today, and help with much-needed medical care for these dogs, as well as other companion animals. Donate today by clicking the icon below.

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