The following are testimonials from various Stray Rescue constituents that will provide you with a good insight into the wonderful world of Stray Rescue of St. Louis.

"Stray Rescue...performs a unique service to the canine world which no other group dares to do. Stray Rescue saves and rehabilitates dogs found on the streets and in the dog pound that no other humane group wants to deal with. These are the most downtrodden, sick and abused dogs seen in our so-called civilized society. As a Stray Rescue veterinarian, I have found this group places absolutely no financial, emotional or time constraints on saving these dogs. All of these dogs make excellent pets and end up in loving homes. I have the utmost admiration for Stray Rescue of St. Louis and its mission to save dogs that to many would seem beyond help." - Bruce Kurka, DVM, Chippewa Animal Hospital, St. Louis, MO

"One of the things I like most about volunteering for Stray Rescue is getting to meet and work with so many people that all have the same goal in mind - helping the dogs. Stray Rescue volunteers are the BEST!!!!!!!!!" - Donna L.

"I stumbled across Randy's book in 12/04. I knew that this was where I wanted to be. It is amazing to me to see dogs come in that are so scared, hurt and have never felt a loving hand. Then, Stray Rescue volunteers work their magic and they become the most loving and loyal dogs anyone could ask for. Seeing this change simply because they were given a second chance proves that they just want someone to love and care for them." - Kristin G., Stray Rescue Volunteer

"I have been a foster parent with Stray Rescue for about 4 years. In that time I've had many dogs come and go (and a few that have stayed). One of my most memorable adoptions was Oscar Mayer, a little dachshund/beagle mix. Heather's son was bugging her for a dog and she decided to try Stray Rescue's Rent a Pet program for a weekend, however, she told her son they were babysitting a friend's dog. She didn't want to get her son's hopes up if it didn't work out.

When I dropped off Oscar, Austin said, "Oh Mom, this is exactly the kind of dog I want." As I left, Austin and Oscar were curled up on the floor in front of the television. When called on Sunday, Heather was devastated because her younger sister had suddenly passed away. I told her I would come get Oscar immediately, but she said, "Can we keep him?" It seems that Austin was so upset about his aunt's passing that he told his mom "he didn't have any happy thoughts to think." Heather told me that she started to cry and asked Austin if he would like to keep Oscar. Austin said, "Mom, that's the best thought I could ever think."

Just knowing that I had a small part in making a small boy a little less sad and found such a loving home for Oscar makes me feel so good". - Marianne J. Stray Rescue Volunteer and Foster Parent

"My favorite thing about volunteering is when I see a pooch come off the street and I can tell they know they've been given a second chance on life. It's really moving to see them come around and realize they re in a safe place and they no longer have to worry about how they are going to get their food or where they are going to sleep for the night. Their grateful eyes tell me everything and it's the best feeling in the world." - Shonda, Stray Rescue Volunteer

My name is Dr. Edward J. Migneco and I own Hillside Animal Hospital. We have been working with Stray Rescue even before there was such a thing as Stray Rescue......and Randy Grim was paying for the care of these street dogs out of his own pocket. We have been with him and Stray Rescue from the beginning and will continue to help the dogs as long as they need our help. I get alot of satisfaction out of helping the dogs that Stray Rescue is able to get off the streets. It is amazing to see these so-called "feral" or wild dogs become loving, adoptable pets. When these dogs are first brought into my clinic, they are usually in extremely bad shape physically, and sometimes, mentally from their life on the streets. However, after the rehabilitation they receive, first at Hillside and then continued under the care of their foster parent, most go on to become great pets. There have been several cases which have proved especially rewarding. One dog in particular was rescued from a wooded area. Upon rescue, Opie had literally no hair and was extremely thin. He suffered from internal and external parasites, heartworms and Cushing's disease. He was very timid, but not mean at all. After undergoing treatment for his various ailments, he slowly started to trust us a little more each day. It was really something to see his personality start to come out at the same his hair coat did! It is cases like Opie that keeps us working with Stray Rescue. Every dog who is rescued off the streets and ends up adopted is a success story."
- Dr. Ed Migneco, Stray Rescue veterinarian, Hillside Animal Hospital

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