Stray Rescue of St. Louis Stray Rescue of St. Louis Stray Rescue of St. Louis Stray Rescue of St. Louis

German Shepherd Shot, Sodomized And Left For Dead


From Paralyzed And Dying To Adopted And Running, A True Miracle.

Rally For Stray Rescue!!

By the time you’ve read this sentence, an animal has been abused and many more street dogs suffer while awaiting our help - their rescue. As a collective alliance of compassionate people in lock-step, we CAN change this.

October 25th Bring your Furry Friends to the Stray Rescue Spooktacular!

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Tortured By Teens and Injured, Meet A Special Rescue, Pumpkin Pie

A report came in about an injured dog lying in the parking lot of the health clinic off of Martin Luther King Drive. What made matters more urgent and adding insult to injury is that a group of teens where abusing the dog with sticks and rocks.

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The Running Buddies Enrichment Program

Looking for a fun, unique, and meaningful way to stay in shape while enriching the lives of shelter dogs as they await their loving forever homes?  Click here to learn more!

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Terrier mix
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The Panda Program, Hospice Care for Strays

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