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Rumple – Condemned To Death Like The House Where He “Lived”


A police officer told me about a dog that hangs his head out of a third story window of a condemned, boarded up house.  The clever pooch moved the plywood out of the window so he could see out, get some fresh air and let the world know “I am here.” 

Welcome Home-Gigolo

Dumped On The Streets Left To Die: Meet The Taco Bell Family!

Being dumped to survive on the side of the road is never easy, especially when you are small neglected dogs.  Meet 5 little survivors we call the Taco Bell family.  From boney to flea-ridden it is hard to imagine someone would be so cruel to carelessly toss these guys out to fend for themselves. Luckily we were able to save them.

They would run in fear if you tried to pick up any of them so all 5 had to be trapped one by one.

Rally For Stray Rescue!!

By the time you’ve read this sentence, an animal has been abused and many more street dogs suffer while awaiting our help - their rescue. As a collective alliance of compassionate people in lock-step, we CAN change this.

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