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By the time you’ve read this sentence, an animal has been abused and many more street dogs suffer while awaiting our help - their rescue. As a collective alliance of compassionate people in lock-step, we CAN change this.

Stuck on the Ledge of an Abandoned High-Rise :Rubble's Rescue



A windowless tall building stands at the corner of Blair and Grand Avenue. Bombs could drop and do less damage. The call came in as a dog on the ledge of this towering structure, Stray Rescue jumps into action and heads out on the call.

Update on Martini : a video is worth a thousand words!

Martini has suffered horribly at the brutal hands of a careless person, and none of it was her fault.  She is the reason I founded Stray Rescue in the first place. She was shot in the front leg and beaten so bad that she suffers a broken jaw. I could write the update but I think this video is a wonderful way to show the strides she is making.

17th Annual Golf Tournament

Tuesday, September 16, 2014
11:30 am Registration
1:00 pm Shotgun Start

Norman K. Probstein
Golf Course Forest Park



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The Running Buddies Enrichment Program

Looking for a fun, unique, and meaningful way to stay in shape while enriching the lives of shelter dogs as they await their loving forever homes?  Click here to learn more!

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The Panda Program, Hospice Care for Strays

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