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We Combined Black Friday and Cyber Monday For A Weekend Of Deals That Saves Lives!


We have combine Black Friday and Cyber Monday into a long weekend special! By shopping at the Stray Rescue store you help save the lives of homeless animals needing a helping hand. Check out our specials and have a pawsome time buying gifts!

Saving Mae West & Her Pups!

This was a rescue that was five years in the making! Luckily Dr. Sullivan was able to use his dart gun on Mae West, while Donna fearlessly crawled through a small opening under this burned down home to rescue them. It was surreal and heartbreaking to be lifting life from under such ruins.  Many thanks to Emily for being a trooper! I work with a great team, and today these guys rocked!


Winter Is Coming

Winter weather can create serious, life-threatening emergencies—especially for animals left out in the cold. The homeless animals we rescue fall victim quickly with frostbite and hypothermia. Making things worse, many of those we rescue freeze much quicker because they are emancipated, and their bodies are unable to store heat. 

Cass Hamada

Type of Animal: 
Panda Program: 
Available for adoption
Lab mix
9 months
<p><span>Cass Hamada is giving the camera her most sincere and interested expression.&nbsp; Her amazing ears, bright eyes, and adorable tilt of the head make her an irresistible and beautiful puppy.&nbsp; You have to be smiling while you look at her.<br /> <br /> Cass Hamada has come a long way from the shy, frightened girl who first came into Stray Rescue.&nbsp; Through the efforts of the people around her, she has learned to show her sweet, loving personality.&nbsp; Cass Hamada loves people and dogs, especially her foster brother who lets her sleep literally on top of him.&nbsp; She likes to be in some kind of physical contact with her canine siblings or her humans.&nbsp; Snuggling, belly rubs first thing in the morning, kissing everyone, and following her family around the house are her favorite activities.&nbsp; She is crate trained and goes quickly into her kennel when told to do so.<br /> <br /> Cass Hamada is overcoming two big obstacles for her - eating outside her crate and walking outdoors on a leash.&nbsp; She now eats outside of her crate as long as she can be next to another dog.&nbsp; Walking on the leash is a work in progres.&nbsp; Cass Hamada is becoming more brave outside and will go to a spot by the back door and wait to be leashed up for a walk.&nbsp; These are huge milestones for her.</span><br /> <br /> Now Cass Hamada needs her own home, one where she can continue to grow and learn and be loved.&nbsp; Her new home can be any size because she only weighs 30 pounds.&nbsp; Look at Cass&#39; picture once again.&nbsp; She is looking straight at you and asking, &ldquo;Are you the one?&rdquo;</p> <p><span style="color:#ff0000;">PLEASE NOTE THAT CASS HAMADA IS IN A FOSTER HOME, NOT AT OUR SHELTER.</span></p> <p><span style="color:#ff0000;">PLEASE CHECK STATUS BEFORE FILLING OUT AN APPLiCATION TO MAKE SURE THERE IS NOT AN ADOPTION PENDING.</span></p>
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