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Dog On A Ledge About To Jump: Rescue Of Jerrell


One of the scariest rescues is when a dog is so frightened and feral, he is ready to jump from three stories high out of a window to escape humans. This was the case of Jerrell. He had been trapped on the third floor of this ominous house that was falling apart. We knew this was going to be a very tough rescue.



Where Are They Now? - Sally J

Sally J was a young pup, found roaming all alone. She had mange, was itchy and already had that defeated look in her eyes. Many puppies like Sally J can not survive long on the street. Luckily she was spotted by Randy while he was out rescuing. Sally J's skin is now healed and so is her spirit. She has her forever family and they couldn't love her more.

Here is what Sally J's adoptive family had to say.......

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