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Another Shooting of an Innocent Stray

With so much violence and unrest on our city streets in the local and national spotlight lately, it is easy to forget that victims of violence come in many forms. This one happens to be a voiceless, defenseless stray dog.

Dispelling the Myth of Terriers and Mixes

I watched this video numerous times trying hard to look into this poor dog’s eyes, his soul, trying to get a grip on why he looks this way and what is his story.



Sadly, I have seen poor guys like this almost daily over the decades, the defeated eyes of a lifeless soul. 

It's Baseball Month at Stray Rescue!


We are inviting you to support our hometown team by visiting Stray Rescue during the month of August!

For every visit to Stray Rescue on 2320 Pine Street you can enter to win a weekly drawing for 2 hometown game baseball tickets.

Puppy Eruption!

I walk through what is normally recovery rooms for severe abuse cases after the dog had surgery and instead see one poor mama dog either giving birth or just gave birth after another. I am grateful the cycle stops here but wonder about all the other strays out there we couldn’t rescue. 

17th Annual Golf Tournament

Tuesday, September 16, 2014
11:30 am Registration
1:00 pm Shotgun Start

Norman K. Probstein
Golf Course Forest Park



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