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Billy the Kid


Rescuing always takes me to areas that are less than desirable for both man and dog. Billy The Kid’s rescue was no exception.

Another Rooftop Rescue! Shingles Plight

How common is it that we rescue a dog off a roof? More common than you would think.  Roof rescues are always tough. Once a dog makes his way to the roof, he usually can’t get back down because the house is literally falling apart. That certainly was the case for one of our newest rescues, Shingles. 


Dog Abused With A Wire Coat Hanger


We have many “what the hell” moments at Stray Rescue and this sadly is another one. A sweet, loving dog tortured on purpose with a coat hanger forcefully tied and twisted around his leg.  I was in amazement how his tail wouldn’t stop wagging. He would lick your face with happiness, happy to be saved regardless of the pain.

Stray Rescue Has Seen An Uptick In Dogs Starved Almost To Death


Sadly one of the most common forms of abuse we see is owners who purposely starve their dogs to death or very close. In just this month alone we have had quite a few rescues that broke our hearts. I am writing about this because I consider awareness of what is going on in our city is the first step towards ending this cruelty.


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