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Chiquita And Her Pup Banana: Amazing Mom cares for pup even after being shot!

After just rescuing one thankful stray, I had that familiar gut feeling to head down this trash-ridden alley. So we did. Almost as quickly as I told Jenny about my hunch, this mangy little dog appeared from the alley rubble. I did my usual hotdog offerings as she barked at me with distrust. She gobbled them down and then ran off into the urban wilderness.


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By the time you’ve read this sentence, an animal has been abused and many more street dogs suffer while awaiting our help - their rescue. As a collective alliance of compassionate people in lock-step, we CAN change this.

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Looking for a fun, unique, and meaningful way to stay in shape while enriching the lives of shelter dogs as they await their loving forever homes?  Click here to learn more!

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