Pack Of Strays Barely Surviving

You hear the term “a pack of dogs,” and many different definitions go through your mind. A pack of dogs in a dog park, a pack of dogs in your home, or for me it’s usually a pack of dogs barely surviving on the streets. They run scared from humans and sport injuries from gunshot wounds to broken bones because they are seen as a nuisance by irresponsible people instead of being seen as innocent victims. Most people sling rocks and other items at them to make them go away. Purposefully running over a stray dog is also never out of the question either. The saddest part to me is in that I know in the heart of every stray dog lies the singular desire to be loved, not tortured. Our goal is to save fearful packs and show them there are humans who would never abuse them but will love them as they should be loved – unconditionally.

The temperature was a bone chilling 7 degrees as we stared into an urban field littered with street dogs, a large pack, trying feebly to catch any rays of sunlight to feel some warmth. My thought was that if we hurried before they start to notice we’re here, we could set a trap. With cold, numb fingers and smelling of hot dogs, we set the trap and jumped back in the Jeep. We pretended to drive away, but the scared pack took off running.

One of the injured dogs turned to look back at our trap and used the opportunity to scrounge for food with no competition from the rest of the pack. He was in the trap within minutes, but began crying loud cries of fear.


Back at Stray Rescue’s trauma center, I spent a good amount of time petting and reassuring him, now christened “Boyhood.” He calmed as I rubbed my finger gently down his muzzle, probably the first act of human kindness he has ever experienced. He is extremely shy, afraid and injured, but with our compassionate team of staff and volunteers, he should be giving us a tail wag soon.

I know of 3 abandoned houses the pack takes refuge in, and we will be rescuing them one by one until they are all safe with us. I can’t save them without your help, though. If you can, please help with the costs of bringing this pack into the warm, safe haven of Stray Rescue.

Love and woof, Randy and Donna



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