Get Ready For The Feel Good Story Of The Year! Pazzo's Final Update!


Are you ready to be amazed!? I will show only one graphic picture to put the amazing recovery into perspective, but please read and look on.  We never caught the sick twisted abuser who tortured Pazzo in ways that are unforgettable, but he didn’t win. This is Pazzo’s way of saying, “you will not get the best of me! I lived, and I’m THRIVING.”  He goes to his forever home today after multiple surgeries, and the amazing, loving staff at Stray Rescue healed his wounds both emotionally and physically.

You, our incredible supporters, saved his life. You allow miracles to happen every day at the shelter. We thank and love you guys, and so do these amazing animals!

Pazzo, the young border-collie mix who was brutally abused with a tight, knotted rope had another surgery yesterday. When he was rescued, the rope had been embedded in his lower waist and had actually severed his penis in half, causing excruciating pain. He had emergency surgery that day to remove the rope, suture his waist and begin the process of reconstructing his genitals. He healed. HE WON!

Enjoy this amazing dog’s success. You made it possible!!!!!!!

Together, let’s continue saving these precious lives and showing abusers that they can’t break the spirit of an animal that knows he’s surrounded by love and people who care. With your donation to the Sidney Strum Animal Abuse Fund, you show the strays that they are not alone. We will fight for justice while ensuring these deserving animals receive the medical care and love they need to heal – both inside and out. Thank you for saving Pazzo and dogs like him!




Thank You!

Love and WOOF!


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