Two Surgeries Down, One More To Go: UPDATE on Pazzo!

Pazzo, the young border-collie mix who was brutally abused with a tight, knotted rope had another surgery yesterday. When he was rescued, the rope had been embedded in his lower waist and had actually severed his penis in half, causing excruciating pain. He had emergency surgery that day to remove the rope, suture his waist and begin the process of reconstructing his genitals.

We’re happy to report today that Pazzo is doing well!  The second of three surgeries is over and he continues his medical rehabilitation which is being made possible thanks to your kind and generous donations! Pazzo is an amazing and forgiving dog with the most gentle, loving spirit. He knows that he is safe and loved, and he’s responding well to his medical treatments. We’ll keep you posted as Pazzo continues on his journey to health and happiness!

A big “thank you” to everyone who has donated for Pazzo’s medical care. He feels your love and generosity, and I ask that you please continue to be a hero for Pazzo and all the tough medical cases we’re treating at Stray Rescue. Dogs like Louie Bear, Ava and so many others need your help. There’s no better feeling that to see a dog turn the corner and become and happy, healthy family member of a loving, forever home! You can make this possible with your donation to the Stracks Fund – our emergency medical fund .Pazzo and all our dogs in need send a WOOF of gratitude for being there for them.

Love and Woof,


To read the orginal story click here :

A Rope and an Animal Abuser:Pazzo's Plight. (Graphic Images)

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