Shot And Hit By A Car, Meet Postmaster. Warning Graphic Images


When the call came in about a dog with an injured leg, all I can say is that was an understatement. This tan and white sweetheart was curled up in a ball trying to stay warm in the brutal cold. We think the abuse he endured in his short life was because he was a street dog – too friendly and trusting. This makes them a tragic target on the mean streets of some of the toughest areas in our country.


As he was rushed to our trauma center, he was christened with the name Postmaster. What always kills us, like a bullet to the heart, is the ability of these victims to wag their tails and give a kiss of gratitude.



On closer inspection by our vet team, his leg was peeled back to the bone, we think from being hit by a car. And the x-ray results also showed he was shot near the spine. My gut tells me he was shot and then was hit by a car as he fled his abuser. Makes you wonder if man really is the superior being on our earth.


Our skilled vet team tried to save his leg, but unfortunately it isn’t salvageable – even from the best orthopedic specialist. Like many of the dogs we rescue, Postmaster’s vet care is very expensive. Once again I hope and pray folks give, as so many always do, to ensure he gets the best care available so he never suffers abuse again. So he can heal and go on to live a loved life by a family who treasures him.


Postmaster, your bad days are over. Gone are the days of being callously used as target practice, gone are the days of being hit by cars. Now your journey begins to be safe, loved and adopted. Please give.

Love and Woof, Donna and Randy

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