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Stray Rescue of St. Louis was officially born in 1998 but in just a few short years has grown to offer 14 different programs in support of our goals. Listed below is a brief description of each program that will give you an idea of the breadth of our operations.

Rescue and Rehabilitation Program: This is our main operation involving the rescues of homeless dogs (and some cats) who live on the city streets. Many dogs are abandoned or dumped by their guardians and others are born on the street and are feral. Depending upon the degree to which dogs are feral, many must be humanely trapped. As a no-kill shelter, these dogs are medically rehabilitated, spayed/neutered and adopted into loving homes. It is critical to rescue these homeless animals in order to end the overpopulation problem. Most people do not realize that one male and one female dog can produce 67,000 dogs in just seven years according to Spay Day USA. In addition to saving dogs, we are preventing hundreds of thousands of puppies from being born on the street and contributing to the overpopulation crisis.


Animal Regulation Center (ARC) Assist Program: Stray Rescue takes in as many injured dogs and pregnant female dogs from the ARC as possible. In 2004 Stray Rescue provided the funding that allowed the city pound to migrate from using the gas chamber to lethal injection for euthanization. These dogs are medically rehabilitated and placed into loving homes.


Trial Adoption Period (TAP): This program gives people who are interested in adopting a dog the opportunity to take the dog home for the weekend and see if the Stray Rescue dog gets along with other dog and/or cat family members. It also allows people the opportunity to take a dog home for the weekend (certain conditions apply) so that our dogs get a chance to learn how to live in a home and get out of the shelter for a few days.


Running Buddies: This is a fun, unique, and meaningful way to stay in shape while enriching the lives of shelter dogs as they await their loving forever homes. The Stray Rescue Running Buddies program ensures these dogs get plenty of exercise, attention, and exposure to environments outside of the shelter. Perfect for everyone, from those who are easing into their newfound workout routine to seasoned marathon runners looking to liven up their training, motivation to get fit is never a problem when you know your walking/jogging pooch partner is waiting. 


Panda Program: Stray Rescue's Panda Program is a hospice program for dogs. In this program you agree to take a dog into your home who has a limited amount of time left to live. The dogs in this program have been diagnosed with terminal illness or may be very old or both. They are deserving of a home where they can live out their remaining life with love and dignity and not have to die alone. Quality of life is the most important part for us all, and together we can give these dogs a happy, safe, and loving end of life. 

Stray Rescue Hiking Club: This enrichment club aims to improve the lives of shelter dogs through hiking. In addition to providing these dogs with much needed time out of the shelter it gives anyone who loves to hike, backpack or trail run the opportunity to meet their perfect four legged companion. For more information email us!


Seniors for Seniors Program: Senior citizens preferably on a fixed income but not limited to, who adopt an older dog are able to do so without paying the adoption fee, and, if necessary, Stray Rescue will provide food and medical care for the life of the dog. In addition, a person who adopts a senior dog which has a chronic health problem may be eligible for complimentary veterinarian support for the ongoing medical condition for their dog. This program has been funded by Mrs. Arthur Lieber.


Post Adoption Program: This program provides behavioral training for dogs in which their adoption potential is limited due to a behavioral issue or for a guardian who adopted a Stray Rescue dog who is experiencing difficulties adjusting to their new home. This program is designed to make sure every dog finds their perfect home and is able to stay with their new family.


Shelter/Rescue Outreach: Randy Grim and Stray Rescue provides assistance to other animal shelters and rescue groups who are working to end the use of the gas chamber in their local or county animal shelters. Randy has traveled to North Carolina, Oklahoma, Georgia and New Mexico to share his experience and advice with local officials so they can improve the welfare of the animals in their jurisdiction. Many shelters converted to lethal injection which is a more humane method of euthanization as a result of Randy's efforts. He also works with shelters and rescue groups wanting to increase adoptions or migrate towards a no-kill philosophy. In addition, Randy mentors groups interested in learning how to trap feral dogs and rehabilitating them so they become adoptable.

Abandoned, Not Forgotten: Stray Rescue has formed a hotline number for any banker, real estate agent, police officer or fireman to call when they find a dog or cat that has been left behind in a home for any reason such as foreclosure. 



Families with Paws: The purpose of this to share information and free pet care resources, one zip code at a time. Through this program we offer spays and neuters, rabies and distemper shots as well as microchips. All of these services are available for both dogs and cats.



Shelter in Place (SIP) Program: This program provides medical/health care to the pets of low-income families and individuals who have shown a commitment to keeping their companion(s) but do not have the financial means to do so. Each participating household is assigned a caseworker who will coordinate spay/neutering of the pet through Stray Rescue's veterinary facility. Stray Rescue also provides food and supplies. However, the value of the program extends well beyond medical benefits and general care. Caseworkers provide education on proper pet care, which encourages responsibility, fosters self-reliance, and results in the empowerment of the family to be a part of the solution, as well as advocates for companion animals.

POP (Pick One & Push): This offers businesses, schools, and community groups an incredibly rewarding way to make a huge difference in the lives of shelter animals by finding them loving forever homes. Each group is assigned a specific adoptable Stray Rescue dog or cat with the singular goal of finding a forevr home for that animal. Not only will you make a difference by ensuring a four-legged friend a life filled with comfort, warmth, and love, but the program also encourages teamwork, advocacy, and communication.

Teaching Love and Compassion (TLC): We have a small volunteer committee dedicated to providing a few select educational programs for school children and community groups. Topics include pet guardianship and the importance of spaying and neutering our pets.




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