Tortured By Teens and Injured, Meet A Special Rescue, Pumpkin Pie

A report came in about an injured dog lying in the parking lot of the health clinic off of Martin Luther King Drive. What made matters more urgent and adding insult to injury is that a group of teens where abusing the dog with sticks and rocks.

Upon arrival, the rescue team saw a defeated hungry soul that was oozing with blood and infections. The spirit in her eyes was shrouded in defeat. One of the health care workers bravely chased away the teens that were abusing the dog we now call Pumpkin Pie.

I will never understand animal abuse. I’ve stopped trying years ago, but I do know it starts with how you are raised. Love and compassion in youth makes for a positive impactful life. The abusive teens have a rough road ahead of them and statistically will have many run-ins with the law.

Pumpkin Pie is safe now and surrounded by the love she probably never felt before. She is a gentle giant that wouldn’t hurt a flea and why she was such an easy target.  I rescued a dog shot by teens a few weeks ago in the same area. Stray Rescue will definitely be monitoring with the Animal Abuse Task Force to hopefully see arrests in the near future for the teens. 


Now it is time to heal her mind, body and soul. I’m sure one day soon she will be wagging her tail and know in her heart she has that precious second chance to live abuse free and with all the love she deserves. This is when I ask you to help her with the medical expenses through our Stracks Fund. Please show your compassion, and click the link below to give toward this precious soul.

Love and Woof! Randy

A special thanks to Darrell and Kristi. You guys rock!

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