FINALLY some good news: Dogs cleared and available for adoption!

We will be announcing dogs each day, as they are cleared by the University of Wisconsin. These dogs do not have distemper, are not carriers, and do not pose any threat to any other dogs.  

Let's help get them out of the shelter and into the loving homes they have been waiting for!  

PLUS! All adoptions during the month of November and December are sponsored by Tito's Handmade Vodka,  "The vodka for dog people." It doesn't get better than that.  They're even throwing in toys and bandanas to all adopted pups.

ADOPTIONS ARE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY! TO MEET A PUP, YOU MUST HAVE AN APPONITMENT. Fill out an application and our adoption team will contact you to set up an appointment. Please be patient - everyone will receive a response. Thank you, thank you :) :) 

If you have any questions, please email our adoption department. 

**Puppies under 6 months do not qualify for the sponsored adoption fee.  Adoption fees will remain $150, which includes spay/neuter, microchip, vaccinations, and 1 year of free training** 


Apollonia - ADOPTED!

This happy 3 year old girl is as sweet as they come! Apollonia's smile is completely endearing and her eyes beautiful. She is super cute. 

She is dog friendly and loves to play in the yard.  She's an energetic girl who is looking for a fun family.  

Fill out an application to meet this little honey today! 





Mr. Haney

The Mr. Haney that everyone at the shelter knows is a big - as in very big - teddy bear.  Most of the staff call him a “sweet baby.”

Mr. Haney is a loving, happy dog.  He likes to play with toys or run around the yard.  He adores people and is very dog friendly.  Mr. Haney might be an older guy, but he enjoys his walks and does pretty well on the leash.

There is no down side to Mr. Haney as he is practically perfect.  Surely you could use some big, happy dog love in your life, and Mr. Haney can fill that need.

Fill out an application here! 




Skyline & Fair Lady - ADOPTED!

This bonded pair is irresistable! Skyline and Fair Lady have become staff and volunteer favorites.

Skyline comes running to the door of her apartment, wagging her tail enthusiastically, whenever anyone walks by.  Fair Lady has a totally sweet face.  Her smile is shy, much as she is.

They rely on one another for support and canine affection. To fill out an application, click here! 


Rexy is a staff and volunteer favorite who all describe her as perfect - with a capital P.  They also call her a “love" and a "total sweetheart."  Rexy has a sweet personality that endears her to everyone.

Rexy, at the age of one, still has alot of puppy-like frivolity in her.  She enjoys activity of any kind and learns new tricks or commands easily.  Come to meet Rexy, and you’ll be greeted with enthusiastic tail wags because she loves people and she loves attention.  Weighing only 40 pounds, Rexy is a smaller dog who can live comfortably in any sized home. Apply here! 

Benny Hill - ADOPTED!

Hey there, Benny Hill here! I’m a totally chilled out kind of guy who loves to go for walks and then enjoys just hanging out on my cushy bed. It doesn’t take much to make me a happy boy but I do like to have a dog friend around.

Personally I think I would love a home where I can curl up with my humans and dog friend, maybe watch a football game or two and go for a nice walk. I’m housebroken when kept on a good schedule so take me out and we are good to go. If you are looking for the best dog here, just ask for Benny Hill! (I’m pretty humble too!)

Apply here. 


Ellie May - ADOPTED!

Ellie May currently lives in our Executive Director's office and has a big, comfy bed that she loves to nap on. This hound is sweet, sweet, sweet.  She loves everyone she meets and has a happy-go-lucky outlook on life. 

Although she is a big girl, she will try to climb into your lap and doesn't understand why she can't fit. 

She is a very special girl and is looking for a very special family to spoil her. Apply here. 



Cookie Lyon

Cookie Lyon is completely adorable with her big brown eyes and huge smile.  Cookie Lyon looks so much better now then when she and her canine friend first came into the shelter.  They were found roaming together in a park and were brought to Stray Rescue by a park ranger.   Both were skinny and nervous.  But lots of good food and love from the caregivers have made dramatic changes in Cookie Lyon and her friend.

Cookie Lyon has a very waggy tail and a sweet personality.  She is curious about and attentive to the staff.  She would love to bestow that smile on you every day! Apply here! 


Grey & Greer - ADOPTED!

Grey and Greer are best buddies and a bonded pair! They were rescued together and are waiting to be adopted together. 

These two have been through a lot together and now they love their caregivers and all the people that come to take them out. They are happy, playful boys. They truly know more love than they ever have. Will you be their family?

Click here to adopt!

 Also, watch their video! 

Fireman Lenny - ADOPTED!

If you just adore a guy with amazing blue eyes, Fireman Lenny is the dog for you.  Besides those amazing eyes, he has completely adorable ears and a great smile.

He is a big, but calm dog.  He loves to give and receive affection.  One staff member calls him “the best dog in the world.”  Fireman Lenny is also a strong dog who is learning leash manners.  When out on a walk, he likes to sniff at everything.  Fireman Lenny is dog friendly.

Can you picture yourself walking this gorgeous dog around your neighborhood and having everyone ask you about him?  Click here and adopt him! 


Mimika - ADOPTED!

Mimika is one of the cutest girls in the shelter.  She has a very waggy tail to go along with those good looks.

Mimika is a very sweet and friendly girl who can also be timid at times.  She is usually quiet, watching the world outside her apartment.  She enjoys her walks and is workiing on learning good leash manners.  Mimika is dog friendly, but seems to prefer female dogs over males.

At the moment Mimika is pretty skinny, but good food and lots of love are helping her to gain some weight.  She’ll never be a big girl, so she will fit easily into any size home.  To know Mimika is to love her.  Apply here! 



Meet Wildflower! She has been at the shelter for a long time and is ready for someone special to change her life.  

She looks forward to her walks, but after her walk and playtime will gladly sprawl across your lap and lay her head on your arm.  She had a respiratory infection when she was younger and as a result makes a funny noise when she gets excited or when she thinks she is being a very good girl and deserves a treat.  She gets along with people, young and old, but wants to be your only fur-love. 

She is extremely loving and just wants to hang out with you, whether it be a high energy activity or laying on the couch.  Apply to meet Wildflower here! 





Jet Li is a happy guy who loves to be outside.  He has great leash manners and always enjoys his walks.  Also Jet Li likes to run and would make a a great running buddy.  After all that outdoor exercise, he likes to cuddle with his favorite people.  Jet Li knows how to flirt to get some extra attention.  He is a smart dog who loves to shake hands and sits on command.  Eager to please his people, Jet Li learns quickly.

Jet Li is a happy dog who loves people, but he needs to be the only dog in the house.  Do you need a smart, handsome, loving guy in your life?  Then come meet the amazing Jet Li.

Apply here! 


Freya - ADOPTED!









Medically cleared by the University of Wisconsin, adoption fee paid for by Tito's Handmade Vodka, and ready to fall into your Freya!!

This 5 year old girl has a wiggly butt, sweet eyes, and lots of kisses to give. She has had many litters in her life and is ready to be spoiled rotten by a special family. Is that family you? Click here to fill out an application and meet this gorgeous girl - made of sugar and spice, and everything nice :)  Apply here!

Ninja Warrior

Introducing Ninja Warrior! He has been medically cleared by the University of Wisconsin and is on the hunt for a family!  At just 3 years old, he enjoys the company of other dogs and is hoping someone will come scoop him up! To learn more about Ninja Warrior, click here and fill out an application! 

Plus! Titos Handmade Vodka is sponsoring all adoption fees during the months of November and December.  The time is right!


We'd like you to meet Mr. Haney's roommate, Columbus! Columbus has been medically cleared by the University of Wisconsin and is ready to go home. This beautiful boy is growing into such a confident pup. His ideal home will have another dog that he can learn from and play with. He loves to swim in the pool on warm days - in fact he will just sit in the pool the whole time until it's time to go back in!
Would you like to add Columbus to your family? Fill out an application here. Tito's Handmade Vodka will take care of the adoption fee! 



Adoption fees are normally $100 and include spay/neuter, microchip, vaccines, and one year of free training!

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