After A Year and A Half, Dog Reunited With Family!

At Stray Rescue, we believe in miracles and that dreams really do come true. In late February, this adorable Rat Terrier was brought in to us by a good Samaritan. Mic was living in a foster home, patiently awaiting his new forever family. His forever family was found, but that’s just the beginning of this happy story!

Six weeks after Mic came to Stray Rescue, we received a call from a family in Cape Girardeau. They told us that Mic is actually their dog that went missing 18 months ago! We hadn’t been able to contact them since their phone number had changed and was different than the number on the microchip. The microchip company contacted them through an old email account they rarely use. We can only imagine their surprise when they checked that account and saw an alert from Home Again! They immediately jumped in their car and drove two hours to Stray Rescue.

Seeing Mic reunited with his family was more than we could have hoped for this adorable dog! There were lots of smiles and lots of tears but all happy tears of joy! Mic was wagging his tail non-stop as the family was reunited. They spent some time here with us to get reacquainted, thanked us and then said their goodbyes. Out the door went a very happy family and their adorable dog. It was a very good day, indeed! The value of microchipping your dog is truly priceless. There is nothing better than seeing a happy family being reunited!

Make sure your dog is microchipped and your contact information is always up to date so that if your best friend ever goes missing, you will be reunited. Please donate so we can have more reunions like this!

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