Stuck on the Ledge of an Abandoned High-Rise :Rubble's Rescue



A windowless tall building stands at the corner of Blair and Grand Avenue. Bombs could drop and do less damage. The call came in as a dog on the ledge of this towering structure, Stray Rescue jumps into action and heads out on the call.

You look up and see the dog and your jaw drops hoping he doesn’t jump. Entering through the back of the building, the team makes its way through debris and broken glass.  Incredibly there was actually an old wobbly ladder in the room closest to where the dog was standing. Darrell put the ladder out on the ledge, climbed down and went over to the dog. After a hotdog and a tail wag, now christened Rubble, both were ready to find a way off the ledge.

There was a smaller opening into the building under the window so instead of having to lift the dog up the shaky ladder it was decided to just lift him and pass him through the opening. Rescuing seems to always put us in bizarre situations and tight spaces but it is always worth it when you see a dog like Rubble show his love and gratitude for being saved. Once back in the jeep he enjoyed his freedom ride and air-conditioning.

A big shout out to rescuers Donna and Darrell for never being afraid when it comes to saving lives!
Whoever said dogs never look up, well, they are wrong just ask Rubble!

The summer offers many challenges for us: sweltering heat, increased abuse and neglect cases, and decreased donations.  If you are able, please donate to The Stracks Fund today by clicking the icon below. Thank you for your support and keeping an eye out for abuse and neglect in your neighborhood.




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