German Shepherd Shot, Sodomized And Left For Dead


From Paralyzed And Dying To Adopted And Running, A True Miracle.

St. Louis, Missouri (October 20th 2014) – On May 5th at the 4700 block of McMillan  in North City, one of the cruelest acts of animal abuse occurred. It's one of the worst cases of abuse Missouri has ever seen, if not the entire nation. A dog Stray Rescue of St. Louis lovingly named Shep was shot in the back and neck area rendering him paralyzed before he was brutally sodomized with a tree limb. While the Animal Abuse Task Force investigated over the last 5 months, the case had to remain quiet as persons of interest were questioned. Unfortunately, an arrest was never made.

After spending almost a month at a specialty hospital with a neurological specialist, Shep showed little to no improvement and euthanasia was recommended.  Stray Rescue Founder, Randy Grim, is not one to give up on abused dogs and is well known for saving thousands of them. Such is the case of Quentin who survived the gas chamber in 2003 and OP who was shot 12 times and strangled. Both dogs are now living with Randy as members of his family pack. Grim remembers, "I would visit with Shep almost daily, shed some tears and pray for a miracle. When I was told there is nothing left that could be done, instead of putting him down, I picked him up and brought him to my shelter. I gathered a large group of staff, volunteers and vets and came up with a plan to help heal this special dog. It worked. We beat all odds, and now Shep can even run!" Randy says he gets emotional whenever he thinks about Shep and his incredible journey. "It feels really good to finally share his remarkable story, and I hope it inspires people like he has inspired us within the Stray Rescue family."

Having been adopted by the Executive Director of Support Dogs, Shep is happy, thriving and lives with two other German Shepherds. His bad days are over.
"I still want justice for Shep. The pain and horror he went through deserves a prosecution," says Grim. Anyone with information is asked to call the animal abuse hotline at 314.771.6121 ext: 255 and the St. Louis City Police.

Donations are encouraged to our Animal Abuse Fund-

Actor and founder of Ian Somerhalder Foundation assisted with Shep’s care with a grant towards his medical bills. Here is a message from Ian.

"A special furry hero has touched our lives here at ISF’s Animal Medical Emergency Grant program. Because of a very brutal and incompressible abuse case, we had to change his name in our information in order to grant him funds towards his rehabilitation. It was tough to come up with a name fitting for this champion. We chose “Phoenix” because he had risen from the darkest, cruelest circumstances imaginable and proven to everyone in his path that he would not only walk again, but he would continue taking every step with boundless love for the very creatures that betrayed him the most—people. But he has great reason to love people these days—Randy Grim and the team of Stray Rescue of St. Louis have poured endless time, love, skill and passion into healing Phoenix.  Following his journey to recovery has inspired all of us in the ISF Family. With every step he takes and every wag he can’t possibly contain, we are reminded that with compassion we all can endure, thrive, and ultimately flourish regardless of the obstacles on our path." -Ian, President of the Ian Somerhalder Foundation

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