Another Rooftop Rescue! Shingles Plight

How common is it that we rescue a dog off a roof? More common than you would think.  Roof rescues are always tough. Once a dog makes his way to the roof, he usually can’t get back down because the house is literally falling apart. That certainly was the case for one of our newest rescues, Shingles. 


The abandoned house was in horrendous shape and required us to cautiously maneuver our way up 3 flights of stairs. Even as we were just entering the house, Darrell’s leg went through the front porch. Amityville!

All armed with Vienna sausages, it was time to attempt the rescue. We saw Shingles in the attic along with chains and collars from abused dogs from the past.  She took the bait nervously, and with fear in her eyes, she slowly made the journey down the 3 flights of stairs. 

Once outside, we could see her begin to relax as she realized we’re the good guys. She knew her life just changed for the better, and her bad days were finally over.

Our philosophy is “Leave No Dog Behind,” and that certainly was the case with Shingles. Now she is recovering at Stray Rescue and will soon be ready for adoption. If you want to help us leave no dog behind, then please donate to our Stracks Fund so we can continue to save lives!

Love and woof,

Randy, Darrell, Donna and Shingles

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