Saving Sluggo

Each dog and rescue is unique, but there are usually some common denominators.  1) Dog is abandoned for no fault of their own, 2) Now a stray, dog finds shelter in a decrepit shell of a house, 3) Stray is very afraid.  For my new best buddy, Sluggo, that certainly was the case with his rescue. Simply stated, he had it rough. Mankind certainly let him down.

I usually play some type of role at our weekend adoption events, and this past weekend I was to sign cookbooks. Even though I don’t cook, at least I was helping raise much needed funds for the dogs.  Before I even sign my first book, a call came in from the police about a stray who was lethargic. I assumed the dog is sick as I grabbed my Sharpe pen and left, grabbing my friend Donna to help.

On a tough city street where every other house looks like bombs dropped laid a big, mostly black dog in front of a run-down shell of a house.   Armed with my secret weapon, hot dogs, I try to make friends.  He wouldn’t get close enough for me to get the slip lead on him, but I saw this black studded collar around his neck so I held onto the strap. He lunged at me from fear and no longer cared if I was holding filet mignon as he bolted into his safe house to hide. A house that fills your heart with sadness just looking at it.


Sprawled on the couch hiding his head from us, I knew I had to start our introduction all over. Again, I went the food route but this time used canned Alpo. This time it worked! Gone were the snarls and out came the kisses. I had a new friend.

Sluggo was kept alive and hefty because the neighbors kept him well fed “from pork chops to chicken” for over a year.  I realized they loved him too, in their own way. Sadden to see him leave, they waved but Sluggo never looked back. He now thinks he lives at a luxury resort and won the lottery.  He has some minor wounds which are healing, and I’m hoping for someone to adopt him as long as they don’t mind Uncle Randy paying a visit.

Sluggo was saved because you care enough to give.  Stray Rescue is known as the underdog shelter and not for rolling in the dough, please give what you can today, so I can save as many as possible tomorrow. Donate if you can, Sluggo says thanks!

Love and Woof


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