A “Story” with a Happy Ending

You could hear the howling and cries from across the alley. There were three dilapidated, abandoned houses in a row, and one of them had a dog trapped inside.

The first house had piles of trash thrown out back. As we approached, the barking got louder. We looked up to see a brown and white pup in the doorway on the second story. When she spotted us, her cries for help became more desperate. She was ready to get out of that house.

The steps leading up to her were rickety, but what kept her from getting down was the missing platform at the top of the steps. There was a single board with nails sticking up and glass shards all over. She obviously was too scared to try to come down the stairs.  For at least two days she stood up there – scared and howling – until someone finally called to get her help.

Watch her rescue video here:


After a little coaxing, she decided to trust me to lift her over the missing boards and carry her down the steps. As soon as her feet hit the ground, her tail started wagging! She headed straight for the jeep as if to say, “let’s get out of here!” Once safe in the jeep, she gave plenty of kisses of appreciation. That was one happy girl to be out of that house.

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