Little Teri : Beat ,Poisoned And Now Loved!

I will keep the writing brief so I can share the videos and pictures of the story of Little Teri.  Little Teri was rescued from the back of a house, and the homeowners said she just appeared there. I saw giant chains and empty bowls, so I have serious doubts about their story (I handed this over to the police to investigate). At first, I thought this was just a scared injured dog and hand shy. In the video, I have no idea this poor little girl was much worse off than I could ever imagine. Her reactions and the look on her face broke my heart.



The Rescue

Once back at Stray Rescue, the truth started to be revealed. She had been beaten in the face, paws, chest and thigh area. Parts of her gums were bruised black and blue, and she had swelling so much that she couldn’t really swallow. Her vagina was bleeding even though she wasn’t in heat, and eventually she just went downhill and was bleeding a lot. Off to VSS she went.





Little Teri In Our Truama Center

At VSS they discovered she was suffering from having ingested rat poison. After urgent emergency care and a blood transfusion, she started to bounce back, and quick! I named her after my friend and co-worker Teri who is always there for the strays. Teri visited Little Teri at VSS yesterday (and yes, I think she has a new kid!), and the pictures and video she sent to us while she was there made me cry….I think it made us all cry.




Little Teri and Teri!

We all ask why there is so much abuse. Why did Little Teri become another statistic? I believe we have become a violent society with a throw away attitude. We kill, rob, rape and hate each other, so torturing an animal isn’t surprising. It is disgusting. Until mankind starts to heal and love thy neighbor, I am afraid I will see many more Little Teri’s.

Our VSS bill is over $61,000! I beg that you donate and help us bring that bill down so I can continue to save the abused and give them life. Please donate to our emergency medical fund – The Stracks Fund – which was put in place specifically to help dogs like Little Teri. She is the reason Stray Rescue exists. No Dog Left Behind!

Love, Randy, Teri and Little Teri

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