Update On Vida, The Victim Of Dog Fighting


On Saturday, October 31st, our special girl was rescued. She almost died, and if not for the specialist at VSS ( Specialty Hospital) her death was approaching. I remember the call that they couldn’t begin to save her without a blood transfusion, and that was just the first hurdle. With severe infection attacking the many battle scars from the most ugly and abusive so-called “sport” on the streets, her recovery was destined to be a long and expensive one.

Drainage tubes were placed all over her body, a necessary step for the next biggie which was surgery. She had no ear anymore; it was gone along with layers of skin. Her leg dangled, held on by a tendon that looked more like a thread. Deep painful gashes riddled her body. It was time for surgery.

This surgery wasn’t just stitching up a dog but more like piecing a dog back together. We all breathed a sigh of relief when the specialist was done, and she was still ticking. Will her leg be saved? They are trying to do just that, but only time will tell. But now comes the part in her recovery that is just as important as the stitches that hold her body together- healing her emotional wounds.

Teri, our Veterinarian Center Manager at the shelter, visited with Vida post-surgery. She said to me, “All she wanted to do was lay her head on my hand, and kiss it.” The caring folks at Stray Rescue are pros at healing the soul, for we are a place of tremendous love and passion. I don’t know when her extensive stay at VSS will be over so we can begin our specialty – love – but we will be ready as usual for the abused dog as soon as she’s ready to come home to Stray Rescue.

At the end of the day, I am sure Vida will cost Stray Rescue over $20,000. But how can you put a price tag on a precious soul that deserves the chance to just be a dog, be loved, be safe and finally be in a home of her very own? You can’t. So please give now to the Sidney Strum Animal Abuse Fund so we can pay her medical bill. So far we raised over $7,000 from wonderful supporters like you, and for that I know Vida says, “Thank You.” Please continue to pray and help her by clicking the donate button now. Be an important part of her miraculous recovery. Be her hero.

Love n woof, Vida

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