Scared, Sick and On the Run: The Rescue of Voss


Riverview Boulevard is a busy street in North St. Louis and a dangerous street if you're a dog. A report came in about a thin Rottweiler mix with a massive tumor on his chest wandering Riverview.  It wasn’t long until we spotted the defeated soul with a tumor that made us gasp at first. We set a trap.

The trap full of hot dogs and other canine alluring goodies did not interest this guy, and in fact, made him more fearful as he trotted away. His ribs and hip bones were visible as he mustered up the strength to evade us. I knew we had to get him. I knew he wouldn’t survive a single night in this subzero cold.

Cars flew by, and one car actually sped up aiming at the poor guy to hit him as if playing a sick and twisted game of cat and mouse. His weak trot picked up pace as he made it to a backyard. I was finally able to lob a hot dog toward him to smell and eat. It caught his curiosity. Donna went to grab the jeep and trap while I started doing the “please trust me“ game and with time, he nestled his old frail body into mine. I had him and vowed to him that his bad days are now behind him.

It is obvious he needs to build strength so we can remove the tumor, but he is now warm and comfy in our vet/trauma center. He greets me every morning with love and gratitude. His care will be expensive, and I hope you can donate to our Stracks Fund so Voss (I call him Voss the Boss) can heal and for the countless others we bring in daily waiting for their second chance. I love this guy!

Love and Woof,
Randy & Donna

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