Locked In A Bathroom For Over A Month: Weebles Story

It is never surprising to me that abuse is usually dealt at the hands of repeat offenders of other serious crimes. Weeble’s plight and her abuser is no exception. I am also always, to this day, surprised how kind and loving these abused dogs are after they endured nothing short of hell.

Weeble’s hell is a tough pill to swallow. Witnesses said her abuser cut (cropped) her ears off with a knife.  She was obviously being used as just a breeding pittie, having to produce litter after litter for her pups to go on to either fight, be used as bait or sold for a quick buck.

Her criminal owner fled over a month ago to avoid arrest of many serious crimes. Most criminals are selfish, so he bolted and left her locked in a filthy, feces filled bathroom. She survived the month by drinking toilet water and a bag of food that was left in this hell hole with her.

When Donna and I arrived, the new manager of the apartment building was awesome. She was so concerned that she kicked in the door the day before and took care of Weeble until we got the call. I have seen pregnant dogs before, but I have to say this is one extremely prego pup! She greeted me with kisses and tail wags. We didn’t need hot dogs to win her over – freedom won her over.  She couldn’t get enough love, and her bad days are over. She has one last litter to go though, and then she is ready to be adopted – never to be locked away in a bathroom to be forgotten again.

I know we ask for donations after every story, but as I type this, it is very cold outside. I know there will be other dogs like Weeble today, tomorrow and the next day. I can only save them if we have the funding to give them the best in medical care, so please donate to our Stracks Fund and help me continue to save these innocent souls

Love and Woof, Randy and Donna


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