20 Lives Rescued! Meet These Special Dogs

Even though we’re a city shelter, sometimes we are compelled to go to the rural areas for extenuating circumstances, and that proved true today.  We received a call from a resident and animal lover in Wright City as she explained the situation going on nearby her home.  A home that really is uninhabitable for neither humans nor dogs, with litters of puppies and their dogs allowed to roam continuing this cycle of puppies that never ends. The owners wanted the dogs for protection, but the dogs only wanted to be loved.  They didn’t “get it” and truly didn’t show any type caring for the dogs. They were just objects to them. In a sense, their trashed out home was becoming a puppy mill.  

I do give them credit for when the police and the caller had enough; they only would cooperate with Stray Rescue because they knew we would not kill them.  So we packed up the van and jeep to stop this succession of unwanted dogs that were not being cared for. If it wasn’t for the neighbor ensuring they were at least fed, I can only imagine how much worse it would have been.  And she has even taken litter after litter from this home. 

Ticks and fleas covered the dogs. Their demeanor varied from depression to confusion. None of the adults knew what a leash was. They were all females, and I have a good hunch they stashed away the males.  The owners cooperated because the police were there, and our understanding is they also have lengthy rap sheets.  I just wanted to save the dogs and get them back to Stray Rescue and get medical care, love and support from our amazing staff and volunteers. They will never suffer another day. They all are being given exams as I type this, and heartworm and tick diseases seem to be what we will be dealing with so far.  We’ll keep you posted with more information soon. 

You can be their hero by giving to their care. Please donate today to help us help them!  If you are reading this on Tuesday May 3rd please don’t forget about GiveSTL!  Follow the link here for this special 24 hour day of giving https://givestlday.org/npo/stray-rescue-of-st-louis or give to the Stracks Fund (medical fund) below.


Love Woof,


Special thanks to Donna, Cassady and Andrea and the entire Stray Rescue team!

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